No assignment progression


Platform: PC

Description: I started to pickup the game again after a long while. Played with a bud new to the game so i made a new character cause i wanted to go for another build. Mostly played on his world and we killed alot of bots. Eventually he tells me that he got a lot of achievements and wants to claim the loot. He claims it, and while i try to claim mine from the box there’s nothing there. So we check my assignment progress and everything was frozen on zero progression. From the frustration i called it a day. The next day i restart the game and its a new week so maybe the progressions gets a reset. We try to do the rivals and stuff and nothing changes. But this time we are doing the killing in my world so we thought that that was the answer cause maybe the progression only applies when you are in your world, but no. He still gets the progression and finishes more assignments.

I saw that someone fixed it after changing back to first character so i tried it too and we killed a rival in my friend’s world and u guessed it. Nothing happened.

Steps To Reproduce: See above

Images / Videos: N.A.

Host or Client: At first i joined my friend’s session. The next day i went hosting. Later i joined the session with another character.

Players in your game: 2 players.

Specifications: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia gtx 1070 TI

Please help !

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