No Audio in Generation Zero, other games ok

Just purchased the game on steam. Installed and noticed there are no menu or ingame sound. Did a few restarts, opened other games which works fine, but genz is not. So gonna do a reinstall and if it is not working I would like the money back as with no sound the game is unplayable.

Thank you.

What…? this game has awesome music and sounds :thinking: you have quite a strange glitch there.

Reinstall is finished and still no sound.

Are you using any audio routing softwares? (Virtual inputs/outputs?)

Have you checked the in-game audio settings, is there volume?

Are you using a surround speaker system?

Using a dac (smsl m500). No virtual output. Ingame volum is ok. Using a high end stereo system.

If you were to remove DAC completely out of your sound system and connecting your speakers directly to your PC, while also selecting Speakers as output device in Win settings; do you still don’t get any audio in GZ? :thinking:

High end stereo system; is this a Stereo output or multichannel?
If you are using toslink (optical fiber) or digital coax audio cables you might have a setup issue, that the computer thinks you have surround sound while the High End Stereo (or DAC) doesnt get the multichannel input.

You have your sample rate set to high, try to lower it a few nothes. Not sure where its bugs out but I remember reading a thread about another high end audio player having to lower his sample rate.
44.1, 48 and 96 works for me (cant test higher on my scarlett 2i2)

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Decided to give it another try after having too much work last weeks and your suggestion worked. Reducing audio resolution on the sound card (DAC) from 32 bit to 24 resolved it. All I need to remember is to change it back while listening to music.

Thank you.

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With this, i conclude the issue as solved and lock the topic.