No autosaving after killing rivals on Himjfall

I kill all rivals in the himjfall and destroyed a base for a few hours but when I quit out, my progress was never saved thus reverts to the same previous progress, same with my inventories

Which base? On Himfjäl there is none.
Does it also happen if you just kill one or a few rivals in other regions?
What if you just destroy a base/ the same base and quit without killing rivals.
For how long approximiatly did you play?

And most important: what’s your system?

I’m actually gonna test something, and that is if offline works
I ahve checked my savefile and the last time it has updated was in 04/25/2024 and it did not update since this restock event started happening

Offline in general works, except the events, procedual missions should also be affected and the fmtel-missions.

I guess they are all bound to apex connect, but at least the fmtel-missions are.

Nevertheless, on which system do you play on?

did not work, also pc