No credit for Mission in Sillavik

Platform: Xbox Series X

Description: Quite some time ago I went to Sillavik and located the mission hanging on the refrigerator in the house, which was ‘To the Lighthouse’. Today while making sure I had collected all of the missions I found Sillavik was still showing ‘Missions 0/1’ so I looked up a video and discovered I had already completed ‘To the Lighthouse’. This is another bugged mission that doesn’t show properly after you pick it up. I am only reporting these in case it helps with development of the game I very much love and enjoy.

Steps To Reproduce: I don’t have any idea how to reproduce this, it is just broken for me right now.

Images / Videos: Images as follows: (1. shows mission status for area, 2. shows mission completed)


Host or Client: Solo/Single Player

Players in your game: One (just me)

Specifications: My console is an Xbox Series X that was just purchased in June 2023. The game I’m playing is the Game Pass edition and it is showing as v2596226 in the menu and when I check the actual game version from the Manage option. I checked and verified my console was up to date. The current OS Version is 10.0.25398.2266.

Note: I know this is just a display error for the counter, but it makes it very difficult to go back through the map and make sure you’ve picked up every side mission in the game.