No Dala Horse in the CE

Hey everyone.

Really sad and very disappointed we don´t get our promised Dala Horse.

I pre booked and got a message that it won´t ship with the horse and will be available for purchase later on.
The price was reduced with just 10 dollars…? I REALLY hope that all of us customers who pre booked the Collectors Edition will get prioritised and be able to buy the horse for those 10 dollars when they have arrived.
I take for granted you won´t demand 15, 20, 25 dollars for the horse afterwards. That would be a real kick in the groin for all your dedicated customers.


yeah they had to kick it due to “lack of supply’s”

Yeah I can accept that… as long as we are able to purchase the horse for the same amount they lowered the C.E. price with (10 dollars). If not I will cancel my pre order and advise everyone else to do the same. If they will charge more, that would be a real dick move just to make more money.

Or you could just get the stuff still in the preorder I mean how much did you want the dala horse

Unfortunately, the horse will probably cost more than $10. Not out of greed, but simply as a result of shipping the items separately, so bear that in mind.

By the way it is THQ nordic who was handling the physical version so this is their fault and avalanche cant do much about it

I don’t really mind as I thought the horse was pretty terrible looking. What bugs me is that Amazon doesn’t list anything about a pre order bonus. In fact, none of the retailers do (Best Buy, Gamestop etc). Is this still a thing or maybe only for digital copies?

Well I live in Sweden in Dalarna where the Dala horse originates from so yes, I want it bad. I just feel THQ should pay the shipping as a token of good will. They make billions so I guess they won´t go bankruptcy. Compare with the Canvas Bag incident in the Fallout 76 release. Bethesda will ship the bag for free to everyone who pre ordered. Why couldn´t THQ do the same?

Also, they lowered the price with 10 dollars… If they later on will sell the horse for 20 dollars and 10 dollars in shipping they really should have lowered the price with those 30 dollars. I don´t want to pay more then I was promised from the beginning. The price was 79.99. Now it’s 69.99. I promise you will have to pay around 100 dollars in the end for the same things you had to pay 79.99 for when the pre bookings opened.

It´s a real dick move if they are gonna make a profit of this incident.