No damage from Ticks


Platform: PC
Description: After the latest update Ticks can jump on me all day and don’t do any damage… unless they explode.

Steps To Reproduce: Let them attack you…

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Singleplayer

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070


this happens to me in the Veslan Bunker where you fast travel in. they do no damage to me even when they self destruct.


Are you guys associated with the 12 apostles of Jesus? Because, really, I wouldn’t complain about that at all. It is a blessing. I was attacked by 27 [ twenty-seven—I counted their carcasses ] in one small building; 5 at one time in a tiny garage. The little devils were bouncing off each other, there were so many of them. Of course there were the 4 spawning Hunters, and the 7 Runners, all of whom were clipping into the building and doing horrid and destructive things to me. Pain became my new soul-mate.

I’m OK now, because I dipped my head into a big bucket of ice water…it helped a lot.


@ uldskule, You can call me Judas :joy:

…but now I totally understand your pain:

And today those little bastards were completely normal, inflicting damage as they should.


A guy on YouTube simply ran rapidly around in circles until they all exploded, eventually.

Good idea, but I’m usually in a building when that attack me. Ouch!


This is still a thing for me apparently.

Fought 2 Fnix class tanks, there were loads upon loads of ticks never saw that many before. None of them damaged me however and ticks still don’t damage me. I am since it happened experiencing a lot more crashed, it was always stable now it crashes on a regular basis.

Edit: Sorry for bumping the topic but thought it better than to create a new one.