No emp round schematic in boat?

I go to coordinates where must be emp round schematic in boat but there was only 2 backpacks in there.

As I have an answer in Steam
“it is one of the 3 missing schematics so far
hedp door got blocked during landfall update and schematic dropped under the floor”
“emp was ruined during this april update”

So there is no way to get emp round schematic?

You can glitch into the building where the EMP round is currently located, idk how you do that nor if its allowed to be discussed but yeah it was moved in the recent update.

Do you mean the HEDP schematic in the IGA Facility? If so, you can glitch into the building where it’s entombed and look at it, but you can’t actually collect it.

Nope, the EMP schematic was moved into the new building where it used to be. Its now in a locked building instead. The old location was a boat at Borgukulan, or however its spelled, and now its in a building that was added there.

I dont know what mean HEDP schematic - I mean EMP round schematic for grenadelauncher (not RPG) from yellow boat on north coast in top of the map.

Oh okay, I didn’t realize multiple GRG schematics were inaccessible.

And do you think gamedevelopers fix it or EMP round schematic now wont be in game?

The devs are aware off the blocked off schematics, i asked a question about the EMP one specifically on stream and rn it seems they are aware, cant tell.

Oh it is good news :slight_smile: So wait for patch that as I hope repair it.