No Exp for barrel kills?


I like to use the explosive barrels to kill tanks and hunters. I just noticed that I dont get any experience points for the kills if I use the barrels. Is this how its supposed to work or is it a bug?


Same here, when i kill a Tank with explosives at his feet i only get 10 XP for it. I mean… i think this is supposed to be as it is because if you just go around and easily kill Tanks that way you get too much XP for so little effort. So the XP you get depends on how much struggle you had and in my opinion, that makes sense.


So you actually get rewarded for simply using brute force to kill an enemy that actually should require some strategy? Its not really little effort imho since you need to scout their routes and plan accordingly so you dont get one shotted by them. At least you should get some Exp and not 0.