No loot being generated in machines except for the prototype runners

I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I am and it’s really upsetting.

I’ve had generation zero for a while now, I got it when it first showed up on the Xbox store, there’s been small bugs here and there but they’ve all been fixed and they weren’t bad, But this one is kind of bothering me because this one is rather bothersome.

Whenever I destroy a machine and to go to loot them, their loot box is empty, The only ones I’ve been able to loot stuff from are the prototype runners. I should mention I play solo on invite only,

I should also say that I’ve recently restarted the game for multiple reasons, I just switched over to an Xbox series X not too long ago so the game just transferred to a different console. Plus I had to reinstall the DLCs that I got from the game (the two story ones plus the Soviet, resistance, and both us weapon packs). Since I’m kind of busy with school and all I haven’t really had time to explore much into the bug, so I have yet to reach the mainland, But so far I’ve only been able to loot prototype runners, but all the prototype hunters and seekers and military class machines aren’t dropping anything, But I have yet to fight a harvester or tank.

Relaunch your game, this normally fixes the bug.

Alright, I’ll give that a try and see if that fixes it

Delete the local game save from the console. Works for me.