No loot in machines (PS5, Single Player)

Ps5. Solo.
Very regularly enemies habe zero loot. Restarting ps5 seems to help but the bug always comes back. It can be 80-90% have no loot

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Couldn’t help myself, had to say it. Getting serious now.

So there are two things that might help fix the issue, the first is easy, the second is just a pain.

1st would be to delete the game from the system and reinstall it, it’s simple and easy to do, just takes time to redownload the game and updates.

2nd, this one you want to check around the forums and see if this is just an issue with the sony side of things at the moment, but if it’s just your system, you might back up all your games and saves to a hard drive and factory reset the console, get all the system updates, and then reinstall any games you weren’t able to back up to the hard drive.

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I don’t know this issue, but I wouldn’t try these both methods at first.

I’m sure you have a savegame in the PS cloud.
Check, if it’s up to date.

To be sure, make a backup of your local savegame on an USBdrive.

Then delete your local savegame file, start the game and exit as soon as you’re at the main menu.
Then recover the cloud saved savegame file and start the game again.

Continue and test if it helped.

If you have any issues starting the game after this process, recover your backup savegame from the USBdrive.


Lol, god I miss the days when we could do that on xbox. That is one feature that was lost with the transition from XB360 to the XB1, and I’m still a little salty about that.

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Thanks for the help. Seems to be working.

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