No loot is some areas (not just Toolboxes)

Platform: PC (save made before June update)

Description: unable to get loot in Påskallaholm

Steps To Reproduce: this place dead zone for loot. even after the June update that said: “any loot container that you have not looted within 4 hours of gameplay should contain at least one item when you open it.”

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: me

Specifications:CPU Intel Core i7-9700k
Winows 10
64 bit

Yup, I’ve been experiencing this since the May update, as have many others. I haven’t been able to play since as a result as I have no ammo, medkits, etc. Just got home and logged in to check, and that’s still the case for me. Nothing has changed. It’s still bugged and unplayable.

This has been reported many times so far as bug reports and to Graham during the live stream, but every time it’s been dismissed as being the loot timers. This certainly proves it’s not loot timers. When loot boxes are on timer cooldown, they appear as open loot boxes you can’t interact with. In this case, you can access them repeatedly, and they just show up as empty.

Hopefully this time they take the bug report seriously and do something about it. But we’ll have to wait for the July patch to see it fixed, if it gets fixed at all.

And BTW, this is exactly the issue people have been reporting since launch in multiplayer as clients and that still hasn’t been acknowledged. Whatever they did in the May update now extends that bug to single player / host as well.

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@kakarron - Are you having this issue on the starter island as well? For me, that’s the only place that loot boxes seem to work correctly.

starter island is good. this place has been a dead zone for loot since the may update. I posted a video of this area already Empty Ammo boxes on an earlier post because it was only the toolboxes being acknowledged as a problem but here its all loot containers

That’s what I thought. The starter island seems fine to me. I can loot everything without issue. As soon as I go north of Norra Saltholmen, everything is empty, even areas I’ve never visited before.

So basically, I still can’t play GZ for al least another month now - assuming they acknowledge and fix this. Not holding my breath though.

And despite them acknowledging the toolbox issue and it being in the list of fixes, it’s just as broken as before the patch. It would seem somebody made code changes without actually testing the result.

It pleases me greatly to finally see the “achknowledged” tag on this bug report.

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after the August update this has not changed

Yeah, that particular area has always been empty for me. I suspect it’s different from the toolbox bug, since the patch didn’t seem to have fixed it.