No Loot on Killed Enemies

Platform: Xbox Series X

Description: After a varying amount of playtime, usually between 30-45mins, killed enemies begin having empty inventories when looting. Once it happens once every subsequent dead enemy will have no loot. Quitting to dashboard and fully restarting the game resolves the issue, but it consistently happens again within the timeframe mentioned above.

Can happen with the first enemy killed in a session (afked for ~30mins then killed a runner to test, no loot), so not related to number of enemies killed/looted. Can also happen to the first enemy in a new world, as shown in the video clip linked below, and the issue will persist into additional new worlds until the game is fully closed and restarted.

Steps To Reproduce: No clear steps to reproduce, other than playing for timeframe mentioned above and then attempting to loot enemies.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Single player (invite only)

Players in your game: Solo

Specifications: Xbox Series X