No loot Reaper, Tanks, and Hunters


2 Reapers in a row tonight I’ve killed and gotten no loot. I opened its inventory and there was nothing in it. I did kill it, it did not self-destruct. I closed out of it and tried to go back in and I can’t go back in to loot it because it has no items…

TThe only thing I’m doing different now than I normally do is using the shock ammo in the N60. I normally run the KVM with explosive ammo. Both fights were in the south coast.

Update: I’ve now fought through the south coast to “Boo” in the farmlands and am not getting loot from Tanks or Hunters as well.

This sounds troubling. Since it is not limited to the Reaper alone, perhaps it has to do with missing game files? Have you tried to reinstall the game? I don’t know if the PS5 has a repair option for installed games.

Do you always close the game and turn off the console after playing or do you just pause and go into energy saving mode?

I think if you just use energy saving mode the game loses connection to the servers. After rejoining the game you maybe have no connection to the servers and therefore some problems.

Just an idea, not 100% proofed as I always close the game after playing or using energy saving mode.

I usually close the app and go into rest mode, but don’t remember if I started the app up fresh this time. I did restart the console after the second reaper though and that’s when I made my way to Boo without getting loot.

I have seen a lot of issues on the forum and redit being fixed by reinstalling the game so I have it installing again now. Hopefully it’s all fixed. If it is I’ll try and recreate it by leaving the console in rest with the game running (test it on something other than reapers).

I am going to assume it was the reinstall, but I’ve started getting loot from all machines including the reaper.

I’m having the same issue. With the new update i jumped back in to try the game out. Just got a Rival up to level 4, killed it, but it had nothing at all. The harvesters, tanks, and hunters are empty as well.

Do a reinstall like @Powderkeg318 did, see if that helps improve things.

Having this issue as well. Loot drops normally on Himfjäll but elsewhere Hunters only have loot on approximately every 10 Hunter.