No missions to find

Yesterday I unlocked two safehouses in the south coast region (I think they are silavik church and a camp south-east of it). They both say at the top missions 0/1, but I cannot find the missions anywhere?
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I assume the mission you are looking for is “To the lighthouse” whitch can be picked up in
Sillavik (-3105, 3800).

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Check your compass. When you are near a mission item then it will show up there.

im not sure as it says there is a mission at the church and a mission at the camp. dos this mean there are two missions?

No missions at the Church nor the camp. There is mission pick up nearby in a house in Sillavik.
Just go looting through all the houses and you’ll find it…or use the coordinates I previously posted.

oh ok thanks a lot i will try this tonight

The mission is the light house, go to the top of the light house, the mission is a journal on very top of light house