No Plundra at Torsberga Fort safehouse

It seems like there is no Plundra at the Torsberga Fort safehouse. I got the impression from the September release notes that every safehouse is supposed to have one.


Indeed. Of course you can always fast travel to another location (if you’re not stuck in combat mode, that is :wink: ) but of all locations with a (previously) missing Plundra this must be the most inconvenient one.

Every time I fast-travel it feels a bit like cheating. It is hugely convenient but - like the Plundra - it is not that realistic. So I try to minimize the use of both :slightly_smiling_face:

True. But then again …

  • running around at 25 km/h for hours and hours (or days and not having to sleep, drink or eat ever)
  • carrying a ton of weapons (which are just lying around all over the place, apparently)
  • carrying a ton of ammo (same as above)
  • carrying a 50 person wardrobe
  • surviving a bullet impact, rocket blast or Hunter sword slash
  • surviving a 20 meter drop
  • eating med packs to heal
  • respawning after dying
  • sophisticated machines not anticipating your movement and missing a lot

… , just to name a few, are not so realistic either. :crazy_face:

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Yes, silly isn’t it? :smiley: But it’s fun and I like it :blush:

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