No 'preview' image for Alpine Unrest weapon magazines

As far as I can see, the Alpine Unrest DLC introduced two LMGs. I do not own the DLC yet, but I understand a past update let some enemies and drops bleed into the main game, which explains my earning the ‘Adapt and evolve’ achievement. Long story short, I got several LMG attachments but no LMGs, and the extended mags do not have a 3D model in my inventory. The silencer and compensator do, however.

i do have the DLC but i have this problem as well. I cannot see the extended lmg mags in my inventory.

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It´s a bug, but they do work.
About the enemies you do not need the DLC, there are some apocalypse machines roaming around every region.

Me too, genuine panic moment earlier when the illusive 5* Compensator wasn’t showing…

But yes, it has issues showing the attachments all is well. XOX for reference - but thinks it’s across the board.

Can confirm it (PC). KVM 59 and 89 extended mag big 3D icon is missing.


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When I went to retrieve the KVM59 I had in storage, the 4* extended mag attached to it was gone. At first I thought it was only a visual glitch but nope, it deadass no longer exists and the KVM’s preview shows it with no magazine at all.

And it´s the same on the PS4.

got to the arty base on the DLC island on ps4 got a new gun and extended mag but oh wait, were is it it said it is there but… were is it.

Similar issue, thought I saw it some time ago but forgot to report:

The SMG extended mags have swapped 2D icons (in the list to the right), as seen here:

The straight mag is for the Kpist, the curved mag is for the HP5.

The LMG compensator has a rendering issue in the 3D preview, too. Parts of it are see-through depending on the rotation in the view screen, and it has no bore. Guess that’s an easy-to-fix issue, tho.

Aaaand the LMG suppressor too. Sigh.

There’s also an issue with the Kpist 3D model - the gun has a hollow space at the ejection port.

Edit: And, as I just found out right now: The game displays the equipped extended mag over the regular mag in the 3D view, which looks weird and causes z-fighting:

I previously just thought the extended mag was supposed to have that jury-rigged look…


**Description:**Pretty much explained by the title. When in inventory and hovering over an item, you can look at it and spin it around. The KVM59 Mag extension does not have that. There is only a blank space. Seems to wok with all qualities of it.

**Steps To Reproduce:**Get a KVM mag extension and hover over it in your inventory.

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client:**Host

**Players in your game:**Just me, as Host.

CPU: Ryzen 5 1400
GPU:1060 6gb Zotac
Motherboard:MSI X470Gaming Plus
Ram:no-name 8gb 2400mhz
Storage: 1tb Seagate Barracuda SSD.

Edit: In the video I say 'PVG mag extension". I meant KVM59 mag extension.

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