No Quest Audio/Subtitales

After New Dawn update, i desided to restart the game, (deletet the save file), all quest on main island works fine.
But on Himfjâll there are some quest that don’t play audio or show subtitles, the npc (if i can see them) moves as if they are talking, but nothing.

The quests i remember are : Nothing but sbow, Arms race, Make some noice and For the sick and injured.
I have experinced that when restartind the game, i get the audio.

I am playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro, in single player mode.
It is the first time i have restarted the game, since launch and on the first playthrough i had no issues with the quests.

I had this same problem back in March when I played through Alpine Unrest for the first time. Unfortunately it’s not a new issue.