No rear sight on the N60

Platform: PC

Description: The N60 in-game has no rear-sight. This is weird because in both reveal/announcement images, it has one. I am not sure if this is for a reason, or is already known. But I searched for a post already mentioning this. It has just been bugging more for a while. And if this is not a bug, consider this feedback to ask for the rear sight. Images below

Steps To Reproduce: Just hold the N60

Images / Videos:

N60 GZ twitter reveal

Host or Client: Host (does not matter)

Players in your game: 1 (does not matter)

Specifications: (does not matter)

It looks so weird without a rear sight, doesn’t it?

the rear iron sight is missplaced

Ok but where is it ong fr :skull:

1 year anniversary for this post though.

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ong fr where is it my guy :skull:

Honestly the missing rear sight is a blessing in disguise. If it was present the iron sights would be way worse, every game that tries to properly model the M60’s sights ends up making them terrible.

And it’s especially nice in GZ since there are a lot of bad sights and the scopes are nearly unusable due to their low sensitivity

Also, lol at the “high rate of fire” warning on that image up there.