No relais Antenna at Abandoned anglers footbridge and Items that hang in the Air


No relais Antenna at Abandoned anglers footbridge
and items that hang in the Air (Look Screenshot)

Steps To Reproduce:
Go to Abandoned anglers footbridge!

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
No matter

Players in your game:
No matter


Hi, I forgot where it was. Could you post a map screenshot, I will have a look.

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the report. This issue has been reported before at other locations, but this one’s a first. People have been able to make the Relays appear under various circumstances, like fast-travelling away then coming back, restarting their game, switching characters and playing in co-op. If none of that works, I’m sure we’ll see a fix as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Feel free to post the hanging props you found in the Floating Objects Thread!


Hubs. There should a Screenshot with the Position of the Target. It seems this one where gone. Here are a new Upload.

Thx. I remember now. It is not normal. Please follow @Zesiir’s instructions.


It does not matter if I play alone or in coop.

But I have an idea where the mistake could be. When we started the Coop game, He was the host I was the client, my friend had already eliminated this relay station.

Shortly thereafter we changed, I the host he the client, since he already was further and only at the host the progress is stored. And in this constellation, the error appeared and does not disappear anymore. Whether alone or in coop.

Progress like destroying Relays is supposed to carry over from multiplayer, as far as I know. Perhaps that’s why it’s not appearing. Though I’ve noticed lately that some Relays actually respawn after a while, so who knows. Next time I’m ingame I’ll visit that spot and check it out for myself.

Hello, this post is a bit old but holy s***.
This Bug ist still in the Game?
Can´t find this Relais it is not there and i can´t destroy it. =/
I tried everything that might help. even delete the cache in the document folder but this relais will not appear.