No Relay Beacons & Bugged One

PC (Steam) Game v.2586999 as of 18/09/2023

Hi again with new but bigger BUG report.

I do remember when I first played the game in 2019 or 2020 there were a lot of map locations (randomly spawned) and some connected with specific (named) locations like Skrankebol where you could destroy Relay Beacons.

But after two starting regions, I only saw 2 Relay Beacons which are specific location beacons, and no random beacons spawned. In addition, after clearing the second one, I now have a location bug on the Map.

I mean, the game is already 4 years old on the market, and all bugs with location check boxes (like my other bug report) or Relay Beacons bug, which is more critical to the game. Specifically, without nn number of Relay Beacons destroyed, you cannot finish the in-game achievement to obtain a piece of cool armor.

Relay beacons are something I haven’t seen for a long time except for one location: northeast of Rusksele.

Others used to respawn from time to time, but not all. There never where random ones. The locations always were fixed.

How it is now? I don’t know. At least you could start a new world for hunting relay beacons to get the achievement.

If you want to know where to find them (at least where they once were):

Credits should go to @Gysbert

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Thank you, but I have done a lot of searching and saw this (but not such a detailed one) map in another topic.
Also, have done all the login/logout things (including multiplayer), and it did not work for me.
By “random locations”, I mean exactly those locations on the attached map (they are basically randomly/fixed open encounters).

P.S. I can see that you are an active user here, so as an active user, do you know if the Dev Team at least read all this or some Bug Report topics, or was this game so bugged for so long without any fixes?

There have always been bugfixes. Almost every month. And at the same time they try to deliver new announced and often long requested features, but those always have additional potential for new bugs.

It’s just guessing, but I think they do read much, but for sure not everything. It’s a forum with many discussions and they are devs, who should spend their time on developing/fixing and not on reading.

If there are great bad bugs that affect many people or have a very hard effect, the mods push them towards the devs.

But finally, it’s not like using a switch “Bug Off”. It’s much work of investigating, trying, testing…

I go to places and take out beacons all the time and they respawn just like all the other stuff on the map. I play PC/Steam. If I am low on radios I go to a safe house, head to a beacon, destroy it, and collect the radio. They are also easy 1000 to 1500 points. Never know of random beacons. There are those that only there till a mission is complete I guess but there are also beacons all over the map that are known to be there regularly and have been since I started playing early 2020, before any DLCs.

I will edit my first comment. There are a few that don’t always spawn back when the area resets, but they will in a cycle or so. I host a lot of co-ops, hunting for reapers, and in co-op the field radios play a big part of the battle to keep novice players at the battlefield so go through them regularly and lead others to where they can collect the points and the radios.

I will give you one of the locations that is a hot bed of machines and a beacon. Far north safe house is a church in the Marshlands. Exit the church and look out for lynx and a wolf or two. There also may be a firebird or two. I take out the firebirds from the two exits of the church while also taking out the lynx. Once that is done, head north west towards the tip of the marshlands, follow the sounds of the two tanks that are at the beacon. Be careful when destroying them to close to the water, it is deep and can’t get to them very easy without a rocket boost. There will also be runners around the beacon. You may also encounter a wolf with company after the tanks are destroyed. The beacon is almost always there if the region has done a complete reset.

relay becons were always a bit of a funny one, :crazy_face: , I have over 1000 relay becons shot

I do not know if it will help anyone, but I have partially solved the issue.

There are two possible solutions to my stated problem:

  1. If your safe is old (like mine has been since 2019/2020) and you have created a new character and deleted the old one (all of them), all beacons won’t respawn due to an old bug connected with the transfer of loot from old characters to new ones, which automatically triggers the issue - “no beacons spawning anymore because the game thinks that this is the same character”. Solution, deactivate the cloud saving (if on Steam) and delete the local PC save, then activate the cloud saving and enter the game. + In such way you will save the progress and the loot of the character.
  2. If you have all the above but are willing to play without all the old loot, or if the solution above does not work for you (my case). Solution, deactivate the cloud saving (if on Steam) and delete the local PC save, then start the game, create a new character, and log out to activate the cloud saving and choose to use the local (from your PC) save (this will automatically overrun the existing Steam cloud save and the bug will be gone for good). + new game = new pane, but without anything.