No reload animation of bolt-action rifles during quickscoping

Platform: PC

Description: when doing this the charecter wont pull back the bolt on the gun.

Steps To Reproduce: get a bolt action sniper with a scope. while zoomed fire and then stop zooming imidiatly youll notice that the charecter wont pull back the bolt on the sniper.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: single player

This is not a bug but instead it is working as intended.

Note: you can not quickscope in all shooter games.

uhh… you cannot be serious right? ma´m im talking about the fact that he doesnt pull the bolt back after firing the gun you can do the same glitch if you fire the gun while scoped then immidiatly stop ADSíng and ur charecter whont pull the bolt back i used the term quickscoping cause its the only way i can describe it…here let me see if this helps

So, i reviewed your video again and yes, during quickscoping, there is no reload animation.

Next time, be very specific when reporting a bug since: “The vid explains it rather well” is vague and causes confusion.

Corrected topic title.


well i did change it after telling you and i though people who have seen these animations thousonds of times would notice that your charecter doesnt pull the bolt back so my bad.

Thanks for the video. It looks like a design oversight to me. It should reload after each shot rather than allowing you to switch to zooming. Nice find.

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if only it was the only one… i need like an afternoon with the devs to help them fix the game cause ablacing and everything needs tweaking

balancing* is what i meant

Yeah you can unload the Hunting rifles 5 bullets faster using this “technique” then the Älgstudasres 4 bullets bolting normally. It’s always been like that, I timed it this summer but it’s so minor I figured the devs had other stuff on their plate =)

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the devs need to do alot… including this like balancing weapon damage and stuff anding inf wieght to the item box tweaking the ads zoom things like that along chrash and bugs

They’re doing what they can.

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true but i dont think 1 update per month is enough