No rival spawns in North Coast after 5 rivals

I have been trying to get my rival count up to 8 in all regions over the past few weeks, all regions worked like usual nothing weird except for the North Coast Region, I can’t spawn more than 5 rivals there! I have tried for over a week solely trying to get a new rival to spawn in the North Coast region. I found a way to get the rival count up to 6, that works by spawning the reaper, but as soon as you kill off the reaper you’re stuck at 5 again…

I’ve had a similar problem with the Farmlands. I got it up to Threat Level 20 but I’ve only had 5 Rivals spawn. I’ve also had a lot of trouble getting them to appear in the Marshlands and Forest, but the North Coast seems fine.

this is probably because there are only 5 machines in the north coast capable of becoming a rival

I don’t think so since I have had extra tanks and wolves and killed a lot of machines letting them be but still nothing, my North Coast is at like level 22 so it shouldn’t be any problem to make them a rival

ive ran around the north coast a ton and only found 5 machines except for lynx

I usually kill all rivals on the north coast. But they just keep coming back. But I have never tried getting up the numbers but never had problems spawning new rivals. And I also have one that has walked down to the South coast.

Yes I had one in the south coast also and I tried killing it and all my other rivals, they just get stuck on 5 regardless

North coast is not a good region to spawn a reaper. Just kill the rivals there for sport and try to spawn a reaper in an area with more machines walking around.

I’m not trying to spawn the reaper lol, and it is super easy for me to spawn the reaper in the north coast. I even had to spawn him in another region to stop him from spawning in the north coast

I have two active reapers. So getting one to spawn in another region should not prevent one from spawning the north.

Interesting, I have never gotten 2 reapers at once, I have tried to spawn several but no luck

How is this possible?
Aren’t they limited to one at a time?

I personally just fought them in farmlands yet, so you could say I haven’t tried it yet.

I had one on the map in the forest and after the latest update one more spawned in the farmlands.

I had the North Coast region at level 21 and 7 rivals there too. They were all tanks or harvesters. BUT, it takes a lot of farming, weeding out hunter rivals and grinding after destroying a hunter rival to bring the region back up. I would milk a lot of the harvesters for hunters to level up the region. I have not tried since the landfall update, I am still working on limiting rivals and getting region levels back to 21+. I have 3 to go.

since landfall there’s almost no machines there except 4 wolves and a harvestor