No Safe Houses after Saltholem Church and Dyvik

Platform: Ps4 slim
I have progressed to the second area of the map (Aso settlement, Arnerod Homestead etc, all the way to Kaseberg Minken Bunker) I have not had a safe house since Saltholem church.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game:1 (me)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

These are the ones I’ve found between the Archipelago border and your current location:

Safehouse Locations

Hidden Hangar (-257.142, 2038.893)
Aso (-880.288, 1838.320)
Knaperanna Farm (-1776.309, 2122.494)
Hinsevik Ferry Pier (-1697.546, 2608.410)
Minken Command Bunker itself

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Hi Vasdema

Thanks for that information, it confirms that Safe Houses are not working for me since Saltholem Church. I’m having to fight my way from Saltholem Church all the way back to Minker Bunker, all the time.

I’ve now got a glitch in the Bunker :cry:

I really like the game though :grin:

I’d love to play pvp in this beautiful map. The atmosphere is so good

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