No Special Semla Assigment Today?

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:

No special assigment today? For me there are only normal assignments :cry:

Is there an assigment per day? Or per week?

The semla assignment should last all week, but considering the other assignments didn’t work, maybe this is bugged also. In that case, it should be extended for a little longer.

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And you can’t scroll further down??? Also, if you already did it, you can’t do it again.

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There is only 1 semla assignment for the whole week, you can’t get the semla baker hat twice :slight_smile:


Ah, ok :+1: Also, good job with that hat, it looks cool :sunglasses:

Well, as I’m not trying to start the game right now and maybe until the bug with the lost Tyloveden bases get’s eventually fixed, it’s sad to see that I’ll miss the Semla assignment if it is scheduled to run only one week… well done…