No stats saved or incorrect

PS4 PRO , i dont think this needs specs for machine , NO STATS ARE CORRECT by a long mile it looks like stats only record from moment you start a save , switch off start game again stats reset . I think once you devs fix this every one should start new Save , makes sense i think , could be wrong,._ thanks._ thankyou Dev Kimchi for moving post to correct section i am using ps4 to post here as my phone looks like its from the 80’s my ps4 is only way of communication , its difficult to post buggs in the format you guys need using this system , PSN bug reports help but not all bugs will generate a blue screen report so to all and my self please move to the correct section and look for Topic same or similar too your bug report if not posted in correct format at least its in the right area ._ if no topic in section make one , i am a noob in this chat report area and will make mistakes , now i know cheers

PS4 PRO : FW 6.51 newest : GZ version 1.02 : STORE DOWNLOAD : WIRED CONNECTION : PS + : FAST BROADBAND : FAULT stats reset EG ( Kills , dist travel ) Game saves my inventory every time… Switch off game and restart game and the STATS page resets also missions un check them selves as if i did not do them or disappears all together . some times loading up game after switching off some come back , others got to go get them again AND I HAVE CHECKED TRIANGLE BUTTON as i know this can change what missions you can see , have lost track of whats going on confusing to play now , OP sight single mod breaks game to make PSN report , thanks guys no salt