No ticks dropping after latest patch

Platform: Ps4

Steps To Reproduce: Loot high level enemy

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Solo

Players in your game: 1

I’ve killed a lot of FNIX and military class hunters, tanks and harvesters but I haven’t had a single tick pod drop. Seems like their drop rates were nerfed but maybe too much just like the adrenaline.

So after a bit of looking, it seems like xbox1, pc and ps4 are all affected by the Engineer Specialization not working as stated.

I got inundated by ticks on the To the Lighthouse mission last night from the FNIX hunter (and the approach to that mission too)

TBH it’s always the Tanks that have done that to me in the past.

@cta102 i think @tene ment that he wants to use the engineer skill but the enemy does not drop the resources required to use that skill (I have not used the skill myself so i might be mistaken too) :wink:

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You are probably right it’s a but unclear.

However I now know that the number of ticks appears to have increased.

@cta102 oh yeah absolutely, the tick launching enemies can now on occasion spawn massive swarms of ticks! annoying as hell but i must say that i somewhat like the challenge of it after all :smiley:

It certainly changed my approach to Hunters now they do something with the ticks (I was already used with tanks spreading their parasites around the countryside.)

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Also experiencing this bug on PC. 5.5 hours in solo play, 2 hours coop. Got zero tick launchers. Confirmed I had my spec enabled, but nothing.

And now the enemies with tick launchers are dropping huge-ass swarms of them. This is ridiculous.

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I know you see them drop like 20 and it’s like “i can’t even get a single one?” :sob:

Yes, they can drop a lot of them sometime as shown in this picture.

The picture is of one out of three tick groups

again this is for the perk that allows you to use ticks, not enemies spawning them.