No US 5 crowns dropping

I’m on ps4 and after killing many apocalypse machines I have not been able to get a US 5 crown gun to drop from the first US weapon pack, I’m a solo and don’t play on other people’s servers.

Do you have the other 3 crown ones in your Plundra stash? Just to confirm you do have the DLC installed.

I just can agree that I haven’t seen weapons of the US weapons pack 1 for a long time. But the same counts for almost every other pack, too.

I got a 5C N16 from a FNIX harvester just yesterday. I only remember because at the time I remembered how it took me well over 200hrs to get my first one.

It was the first I’d seen in a while. 5C N9s were ten a penny on Himfjäll last I checked, though I’ve not been back for a bit.

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