No XP given for anything when I hit level 30 ( Game Breaking Bug)

Restarted game numerous times but no mission Xp nor destroying enemies gives any XP at all seemed to stop giving just as I hit level 30

0 xp awarded…upon everything I do…
Currently in single player.
Have not tried coop yet…

This is a game killing bug please fix as no point continuing.
Many thanks.


Damn. I really hope that’s a bug and not the level cap. If it is, I hope they introduce some way to respec…

Do not believe it’s a level cap as it shows 30-31
I believe level cap is 60

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I’ve not gone that far. However I’m pretty sure the level cap is 30 this ensures that you can’t get every skill and you have to specialize in something. It was either level 30 or 31.

Edit: Level cap is 30