No XP Points its pointless to play!

I dont get any more experience Points! It has stopped at 548874 but no i dont get a single Point any more. Whats the Point of playing any more. its just pointless! I just wnant to Point that out!

Hey Pembry, thanks for joining the GZ community :slight_smile: Please use this template when submitting a bug report!

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Is it a bug or are you at max level?

Hello @Pembry, and welcome to the forum! :wave:

As @boston_51 mentioned, please follow the template when submitting bug reports.

Now, this is actually as designed / working as intended.

The maximum amount of XP a character can get is 548874, and the level cap is 31.

Thanks for reporting! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a problem, the game does not give me EXP :frowning:

Klucha1984, you have reached the maximum XP limit currently in the game.

Since this is not a bug, and the answer has been provided, i’ll be locking the thread. Thanks!