Noob mistakes while playing... just for laughs

What are your noob mistakes while playing? we all have them, no matter how many hours ingame…

recently, like today. chasing firebirds for the research “crouching tiger”
1.fell off and mountain and killed myself while I was focused on shooting a firebird. firebird either disappeared or laughed himself to death… no gain…
2. fighting a firebird in northern marshlands. got the kill, but wasn’t paying attention to where he was… he fell into the ocean… no loot…on a spaznat… thats annoying when hoping for 5c weapon/attachment drops.

south coast blues. also this morning.
got caught between several hunters, dogos and a harvester. tapping back and forth between healing kits and my AG4 I tapped to far and had my binoculars in hand… couldn’t figure out why my AG4 wasn’t firing… duh


Even though I had done the procedural missions several times, I still found myself needing to fill a generator with fuel, but I forgot to tank up. Same with repair kits. :coffee:

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so annoying when it dawns on you…

In earlier days, when it was possible to drop stuff into loot containers (at least of dead machines), my mate accidently dropped his first exp pvg.
He was so proud of it, I didn’t have it too that day… He ran back and tried to search every body, but didn’t find it again.


Or there once was a bug where your own bullets (the shells of them which drop to ground after shooting) where able to destroy own structures of bases… In seconds.

I just wanted to tell my mate about this bug and that I wanted to test it, but he was faster and started a base defense… My beautiful first base… Wrecked by our own shells. :disappointed_relieved:

Well, it finally got lost months later due to another bug.

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recall one of the side missions or a weekly mission, not sure which, where you have to attack a FNIX outpost. first time doing it after I have done a base assault. got to the part “collect loot” and thinking it was like a base I wasted almost a thousand rounds of ammo trying to destroy the wall and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t crumble… when i realized I just had to use the door NEXT to the wall I was shooting I felt so dumb… glad no one saw that but me at the moment. I actually had to turn the game off for a bit I was so embarrassed. :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m pretty sure most trees, rocks and telephone poles in Östertörn have my stupid face dented into them, from all the reckless driving I’ve done over the years.

Still keep doing it, though.


:joy: :+1:
I know what you mean.
Just remembered my first trials riding a motorbike. Awesome, mountains up and down within a minute… And down even faster if there is a grumpy little branch that takes you off of your bike, and let’s you come down far far away… Dead of course.


Going to the bathroom or to the kitchen while forgetting there is no Pause button…


I haven’t played with the motorcycles yet, just cause of issues I have read, but I def know the bathroom (or beer break for me) go prone, think I am hiding. then all of a sudden hear gunfire from the restroom or the kitchen… ugh!!! and run back to find I am either dead or near dead LOL

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Can’t count how often I found myself lying under a foot of a tank when I came back. (Keep in mind, on consoles or at least on playstation it wasn’t always possible to go prone… They never tested it… And just crouching isn’t the best cover you can take)

There isn’t always a restroom, if you need one out there.

That’s what I often did in urban locations. Went to a house and locked myself into a restroom… And then went to my restroom :joy:

Another nice one:
After the first few hundreds of hours when my mate and I played together on a beamer and saw each others screens, he wondered why I had these markers that showed how close machines are, in which direction, how close and with which status. He always had them deactivated accidently.
Now we understood why he was so much better in hearing distant machines and localizing them :sweat_smile:

From that day on I deactivated this function, too. And the game is so much more immersive since then.

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Getting lost deep in some of the bunkers and spending hours wondering around. I have zero sense of direction even with compass headings. Adding the signs helped. I am just glad all the bunker collectibles are done for me.

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Still have this love/hate relation to my new companion. Always say to myself that I should pick him up before I run out on the piers and always forget…
It’s about 50/50 chance that I’ll drown, after the bump he gives when we collides with each other on the pier that can send you waaaaaay out over the water “SPLASH”. :rofl:

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LOL loving the responses. I don’t feel alone anymore LOL

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Yeah, there are always these moments that make GZ so special.

Yesterday I tried the high value target procedual mission. The target was at IGA, a harvester. After I destroyed it, I heard a seekers nearby. I watched around, saw it, shot it down, but suddenly there came another horde of about 8 runners. I repaired my companion quickly and in the moment he stood up, he threw the harvester into the water.

Gladly I was able to reach it for looting by jumping towards it from the other shore later. :sweat_smile:

Btw. Watch NeebsGaming playing GZ on YouTube.
I once made a playlist of their vids

he spawned in front of me once when I was on the motorcycle, flew off bike and damaged him and the bike lol


That’s indeed weird sometimes.
Sometimes I fall off of my motorbike when crashing into my companion or an enemy machine, damaging just my bike.
And sometimes the motorbike works like a tank… Every runner I crash into, companion included, gets destroyed instantly.

@SR_Carni is that already known?

The companion teleporting in front of the bike is known, yes

Ok, and the collision behaviour?

Will look into it! Could be something new, or just related to the wonky acceleration physics that are making the fall damage unreliable