Norrmyra Artillery Base + FOA 2

I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet. Before the April patch, this was just an empty field (presumably for artillery tests) but now… It’s something else entirely.

There’s plenty of ammo to go around, along with a Magnus .44 revolver of high quality if you search a little, and signs of an attack but the main doors are sealed shut. The letters on the doors read “FOA 2”. And here I thought there was only one FOA facility. Anyone willing to speculate?

Came across this myself, and did a double-take when I first noticed it. This was definitely not mentioned in the patch notes, but it’s a very interesting addition.

However, with the inclusion of FOA2, the Norrmyra base is now completely empty since enemies no longer spawn there (at least for me). Makes it an easy place to look for supplies.

When I peeked through the tall double-door entrance, there appears to be some ruined vehicles, as well as some kind of ramp - could be a missile silo, or even a large elevator shaft. Perhaps some kind of large machine will be there (some kind of boss fight - like Metal Gear lol).

I can’t get access to the bunker att Norrmyra either, it’s the only one that’s stayed locked for me for the entire playthrough. It’s nice to be able to go around and scavenge for supplies, though it feels a bit ominous at times.

I was at Norrmyra this morning and didnt notice that abomination, so i went there now after reading this and whatdoyouknow. How did i miss that? Or is it a ninjapatch?

Popped up with the April update. It’s quite a large structure for sure. There are also some Tunnels/Bunker-type structures just to the South-West, featuring some locked doors. No viable access to those or this large new FOA2 compound, so I imagine that these will be part of future content… OR the FOA2 was accidentally added in (which sometimes happens).

Just came here to verify there is no way in through those huge FOA2 doors… correct?
(didn’t explore the general area yet, just stumbled upon this huge structure a little while ago and cannot get in)

Factoid: FOA is an abbreviation for the Swedish defence research agency, which operates under the department of defence.

No currently there isn’t @bcatrek , seems to be more of an easter egg towards a future update alongside a few other oddities that have popped up across the map. :slight_smile:

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So I had a bug where I fell though the ground. Unfortunately for Avalanche this happened right at the FOA2 facility, so I got a good look at what’s behind the walls.

Looks like several guard booths, surrounding a deeeeep chasm.

Think there’s 3 missions there though

At the base maybe but the FOA2 concrete compound was added recently, there’s no way to get inside so it’s a bit of a mystery right now.

Blew myself up with 3 Explosive tanks, 3 Oxygen tanks and 4 landmines and got a good look at what’s in there. It’s definitely some kind of arena, perhaps a testing facility to try out the Machine capabilities against various targets… Looking forward to what they’ve got planned for us here :slight_smile:


lol u got in nice , yes i think its for later stuff , if you have been watching the streams they are very tight lipped about this.

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In the most recent live stream, it was referred to at the “FOA arena” I believe.

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Anyone notice this?? It says it’s locked but I can see that there’s 4+ items inside of the shipping container but no way to unlock it. It can’t be picked

i believe i recognize that container as being from a mission (Contraband). maybe they have it remain locked until you pick up the mission so you don’t loot the contents early and bug out the mission

A part of the mission is to find the key :wink:

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if you go to the left center part of the left door you get the option to open it.
There’s alot of Ammo, 7 or so holy granades, 7 or so regular granades, ammo case, health case, 4 or 5 flares, fireworks, most of the cars have ammo boxes.
As mentioned the gold magnus is outside the arena either in a body or in a building can’t remember.

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i love that pic , bender is the bomb

Idk if anyone has done this yet but theres a way to get in using a field radio. If you place it through the crack in the door you can fast travel in. Once inside its a big empty area with lots of wreckage. All the giant gates can be opened from the inside. There is also a supply table with a lottt of loot.

The giant door opens from outside as well, find the (unmarked) door handle usuallyplaced in the middle of each door segment.