North coast region investigation

  1. Quarry this rather small quarry is on the Northern side of the island east of the town Hagaboda and northwest of the tourist attraction viskandets Borg.
  2. The town Hagaboda I managed to find within the city limits a Soviet research lab at the southern gate and from the Eastgate head north to hit the water and then follow the water West until you get to the larger dock and there is a Soviet landing craft in the water burning further investigation is required of the town.
  3. When you pull up at the map to look at the North Coast region there appears to be a structure Northeast of FOA facility and Southwest of the safehouse jãrvãlan further investigation is required I’ve been going to this site every update to see if it has changed each time a big kick the teeth

That’s Kopparberget Castle and it’s great place to kill many Soviet Lynx.

But beware of the firebirds…

I am playing on the recon update because I don’t have any internet to update my game so I have been investigating every before I get the dark skies update

Ps I am on a Xbox one first edition with an external hard drive for storage

Thank you #Gysbert for giving me the name of the place after you told me I immediately went to it and found that it was fully furnished though what you made it out to be where there was a ton of Soviet machine there were no more than six and a military class of runner

May be different from time to time, but when I go there in general there are between 10 and 20 lynx with constant reinforcements, last time there even where additionally 2 firebirds, which can make it really hard to survive up there.

Well I am working on the recon update since I don’t have any internet so I don’t have to worry about firebirds

Has any of you guys explore the quarry or have any explanation or theories of what could be going there cuz my thought is one a military base or two and Fnix base because it is quite large with flat ground that expands pretty far

Nothings going on there. It’s just an environmental location to show some of the life that’s been there…

Oh but we can try to think what they were going to put there

If it’s a quarry, it’s a quarry. You build a quarry to get the ressources in there.

Well, since the introduction of base-building and more specifically concrete walls, the devs might have thought it would be nice to have a lime-stone quarry used for the production of cement, to enhance the story-telling with a cement source in the gameworld.

Maybe, but the quarry is older than the basebuilding. Which doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be their intention. :man_shrugging:

I just think it’s there for the same reason we have small harbours or towns or hiking routes… Just to make the world somehow realistic.

:grinning: We had the Tyloveden home base long before the quarry came. I checked the older maps.
But of course all setpieces in the world are for making the world more realistic and interesting.

Edit: Tyloveden home base came with the Resistance (may '21) update
The Quarry with New Dawn (Jun '22) update

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It’s best to update to latest version. :coffee:

Again I don’t have any internet to do so