Not being put back to where I last was XBOX


So in the game say I am exploring and am in the middle of the forest and has to exit of the game and when I come back the game doesn’t put me back to the forest but into my last visited safe house which might be kilometers away.


That’s an intended feature. Probably best not to load into a forest patrolled by hunters early on and to load in a safe location instead (although making that optional would be nice)


Yea it’s how the game works, kind of sucks. Especially when you tell your girl you’re gunna watch a movie or you have to go somewhere and you know there’s a safe house just up the road but it’s surrounded by machines and you don’t have much meds and could possibly die anyways. You could always just try and run around and through the machines into the safe house. Just keep an eye on your compass as the top, as safehouses will show on the compass bar before you have them discovered. Just make sure you’re not facing an already found one, as this last patch has made it so they will show in your compass bar up to miles away when before they used to go away/show up when you were within or out of probably like a couple hundred metres.