Not enough standard first aids

After this patch, I’ve noticed they’ve removed the 4 standard first aids that used to spawn in the crate in that safe house. Now, yes maybe I was exploiting the game slightly, when every time you fast travel to that safe house, all 4 were back, and I’d stock up on 20 or so of them, then go back around the first military base near the middle of main land. The thing is, I always play solo, and these medkits are a huge help to me.
Now, if they spawned a little more often than one or 2 every 75-100 things I loot, I may not need this, but it seems they removed them completely, even from being looted after the set time that loot respawns now. I went back and everything was ready to loot again but the med packs weren’t there. The starting island now is a major struggle as you’re always short on meds and ammo yet getting bombarded by 4-8 walkers almost everywhere, or 4 hunters, and you have hardly any ammo and a pistol and shotgun to kill them with. So the fact that the standard med kits are still so rare poses somewhat of a problem. Hell, even the simple med kits seem to be pretty hard to find. That or you just never find enough when you’re using all 6 you have in a fight of which you only kill like 3 of the 10 enemies around you.

I’d also like to suggest maybe making those medical boxes heal you more than 22 health, and increase the speed at which you gain those health points. By the looks of them, you’d think they’d be very useful, but they’re actually pretty much useless… I mean, if you want to keep them at 22 health recovery, then make it so we can use them 5 times instead of 3, at a faster recovery speed, and make them a little more rare. Or, make it 25 health, like the simple med kit, and able to use 4 times. I don’t know what others think, but to me I think those crates should at least heal you back up to 100. I think if they were more rare, it would be worth while to switch them to heal 50, and able to hit 4 times so you could get 2 complete full heals from them. Especially for solo players, I think this would be great.

they didn’t remove them, just stopped them from respawning after you take them

Why aren’t they just on the regular 4 hour resupply timer then…? Cause they seem extremely hard to come by. I play on Xbox.

i guess they figured it was too easy to do as you described and restock with no effort

Well yea, like I said I was using an exploit, but I mean allowing them to reset every 4 hours wouldn’t be some huge benefit, especially when they are hard to find. Does this mean that ALL the standard med packs are only lootable once?

anything out in the open
also takes away Dyvik as my go-to spot for flares

Flares?! I find those probably 5x more than I find proper ammo for the guns I’m carrying lol!

I usually wouldn’t pick them up when I found them in boxes. I’d just go there to grab some when i wanted more

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