Not even one drop of any weapons or halloween clothes

I don’t know how many kills I had but I got no clothes as well. Since I don’t care much about clothes I don’t bother. What I found very wierd is the amount of barrel extensions I found. In Skvadern I found 16 of them :rofl:

Can confirm. 2 hours, 15 rivals, an overwhelming amount of other bots. Not a single special “Halloween” drop. I’m mosly getting 5 and 6 star weapon drops and clothing crafting plans. So, same as any other day. I think the Halloween event might be broken. Playing on PC.

:sweat_smile: seems like some attachments favour some players - for me its always the shotgun chokes that drop in abundance.
And ofc also no special event clothes here this year :disappointed_relieved:

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I played for more than 9 hours yesterday + a few tens of minutes today and unfortunately no special event clothes :-1:

I javent had a single drop after spending 3 hours on Friday then another 5 hours Saturday to still not get a single halloween drop. This is on PS4.

Is this a joke or what? Me and 2 friend have played allmost 24/7 since start of this Halloween event, killing hundreds and hundreds of rivals and not one of us have got one single thing, have looted everything on the map and nothing. Has anyone got something? Or have the developers forgot to turn on the Halloween switch?

This is my concern as well

It’s quite clear that this is carrot dangling yet 24 hours on and nobody across 3 platforms has anything

WTF is going on

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It stands to reason if they cannot get paid content to work correctly how did anyone think a free event would work? cue mod


I can understand the skepticism.

But, the Halloween event is already in the game. There’s nothing to download, I think it’s just a matter of flipping a switch. Unfortunately, that switch is connected to a quite grumpy game engine…

I expect we’ll hear something about this tomorrow.

Is this Halloween event even working on PS4?
I have destroyed so many runners, hunters, tanks, harvesters, and rivals that I have lost count.
It seems the only spooky thing about this event is the incredibly unimpressive drop rate.
Am I missing something?
Then again, the drop rate for Exp weapons is about the same. (crickets chirping)

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Nope, you’re not alone. It’s a prevalent issue right now.


I played a bit for the first time in quite a while. No frightning masks dropped for me either. But I think this Halloween event is perfect … All these bugs are really scary :jack_o_lantern::wink:


Are they going to extend the event till the end of November or what?
Being only from 30 October to the Fifth of November and having in consideration Nobody got anything yet, it would make sense.
They should follow the example of other games where events like this have a duration of almost one month, that way they have 2 weeks to solve their repetitive bugs.

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In my case, we played the last 2 days with 2 friends and we killed more than 12 tanks and 15 gatherers (not counting hunters and racers) and no Halloween, not only me but also my friends !! :frowning:

Hahaha, be like; Remember now, the last guy to leave the office for the weekend pushes the ”Halloween-button” right before you hit the lights-button…


8 hours over 3 days. Every region and numerous kills. 6* sights and guns. Various experimental clothing but nothing Halloween related :frowning:

ON PS4, friend and I killled too many rivals on all areas to count, NOT ONE SINGLE Halloween item. Also many killed hunters, for the host only, fly off into the sky before they can be looted 3-5 seconds usually.

Luckily we can laugh about it.

It may reassure the GZ-team that playing GZ has been enjoyable on PS4, at least to me, especially after the torture of recurring crashes stopped. It seems so long ago, with all this worrying about skinning, and the prospect of an update and an expansion.

Hope the team is not discouraged by this hickup. I think such (little) mistakes are only normal for a growing company working on this concept of progressive game development. It must be a learning process for sure.

What I like is that I can always look forward to more improvements, new features and new content. Just keep it up!


Hey Everyone!

Thanks all of you for reporting your issues with the event. We’re looking at it and will address any issues as soon as possible!

Have an awesome day!