Not even one drop of any weapons or halloween clothes

Basically i took on 10+ harviters and 2 fenx tanks and did not get a single drop of anything on Xbox one also they were not attacking me whyle gunning them down here is my evadence


I am asking this question for a couple reasons. Mostly I have a feeling it is bugged. Multiple people have said that last years drops were common. But I have seen a single one yet. others on the Discord have the same problem. Some saying they have killed about 200. So I am wondering if any of you have received a Halloween drop.

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no i haven’t i think it crashes when ever i do get one because when i kill some random robots the game crashes

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No, I haven’t found anything either.

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Yeah, something’s not right. I’m going to merge this with another relevant post in #bug-reports.
Let’s see if we can get some dev input on this on monday, possibly extend the event :thinking:


Thanks Xezr. Hopefully we can.

You might as well fix the typo in the title. :jack_o_lantern:

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yeah idk. I was thinking they would just merge theirs into mine. As mine was older.

No Halloween item fell on my side, I had the right to a rival tank that I had to start again 2 times, the game started to crash again, its been a long time … as soon as I crossed them a 3rd time, I crossed my fingers so that the game does not crash but I cried it was protected by 5 tanks (4 Fnix and 1 Apocalypse OMG). on the other hand the sound becomes like a crash at times with a big blow of unexplained slowing down :en pensant:

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In the past 2 hours I took down 3 Tanks, 11 Harvesters, 17 runners and 20/25 Hunters, not a single Halloween Item.
My luck is that I already have almost everything from last year.

Ps4 Version
No crashes
Weapons and ammo spawning “Normally” from the Machines husks.

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PC/steam users (including myself) reporting the “event” isn’t working.

Hi all :slight_smile: its nice there is a halloween event but its crash everytime when some special loot drop. I killed 20-30 dogs (dont remember name), 15-30 big guy, 10-20 tank/harvester. Game work nice if loot is normal (ammo, clothes, other item) but when some halloween item drop everytime game crash :frowning: i play xbox and there is not update.

Merged posts with relevant topic.


Same here, not a single halloween drop over various machines runners/hunters/harvesters/tanks of different classes, mostly military/fnix but also a few apoc runners and hunters.

That was definitely different during the last years event drops were more common. Not to mention the arctic clothing bug…

At least one fnix tank dropped a 5* brennbol bat and I found a 5* HP5 mag extension in another tank.

But I killed three rivals in the process (2 harvesters, 1 hunter) none of them carried any rival related loot, best drop was a 4* 6-12 rifle scope, that seems somewhat borked to me, too.

Same here. Hunted mostly FNIX and apocalypse machines for several hours yesterday. No Halloween drops and the best loot I got off rivals were clothing schematics. No weapons. I wonder if the Halloween costumes are supposed to replace the weapon drops and since they don’t seem to be active in my game the whole loot system is off kilter.

I’m not getting anything, killed over 100 bots so far !!! [ PC ]

Experiencing the same thing. Three players all [PC][Steam] for the last two days have killed an abundance of everything in the game for over 6 hours, not one drop for anyone.
Edit: To clarify, I did not participate in last years Halloween event and have none of the clothing.
Edit part deux: Two of us spent several hours solo looking and still had the same results.

Same here. Played for about 3 hours killing dogs, hunters harvesters and tanks, prototype, military, FNIX and no halloween drops. Playing on PC.

I’m playing on Xbox and haven’t gotten any of the Halloween event drops either. I’ve gotten ammo, med kits, low crown weapons and attachments. I played for about an hour on Oct. 30th and thought I was unlucky when I didn’t get any drops. This morning I played for 3 hours when I came to the forums to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

Is anyone having any luck?..I’ve killed well over 100 robots and haven’t got anything !!!