GZ Halloween Event 2020


How is it exactly - that you have managed to update my game with old content for Halloween that is now accessible in game…without an update to fix the broken game?


Because it’s already there to begin with, just disabled all the time except for halloween.
Like how when you buy DLCs is it’s not really “DownLoadable Content”, it’s just getting enabled.


if(serverDateTimeNow > dtEventStart && serverDateTimeNow < dtEventEnd) {
function() { extend( lootCurrent, lootHalloween) }

They’re just extending the current loot table with stuff that already exists (we had it last year), just a simple date check that could have been in there since last year that only triggers when server time falls between a date range.

No update required.


Fancy a gathering on the weekend?

I’m up for playing crash test dummy again

What happens if you have not gotten anything but ammo for 2 months in both solo and multi player?

I have the salvage and extra ammo skills maxed out.

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Hello. This is an pre-existing Halloween event from last year, which basically means that it is content that already has been made and basically they don’t need an update for that to go live.

Hello, Gysbert. This is for both multiplayer and for the solo campaign. Enjoy!


Cool. Thanks Ichi…

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You are much welcome. :slight_smile:

Yay! Finally i can now get my hands on Slayer shoes - Brown, that i didn’t get last year. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The rest i should have. :thinking:

Here’s the Halloween sets (5x in total) from last year and from which machines they did drop.
Note: back then, there was no Apocalypse class in the game and i don’t know if they drop any event items this year.

Elegant		runner (proto/military/fnix)
Antarctic	hunter (proto/military/fnix)
Slayer/Stalker	harv (proto/military/fnix) / tank (military)
Worn		tank (proto/military)

Could you show the “Eye wear” ?

So are the drops glitched? I have been told they were super common last time. But have yet to get one. Same as some others on the discord. Anybody on pc get some yet?

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Since Xogroroth is quoting my reply from the Steam discussion forums, he may not have that item. However, i do have it.

For Stalker’s Hockey Mask, look into my reply here (upper image, rightmost set): Reference Page - Apparel Sets -*Spoiler*

Actually, all Halloween sets are visible from my reply in there.

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9 posts were merged into an existing topic: Not even one drop of any weapons or halloween clothes

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Not even one drop of any weapons or halloween clothes

Looks like there’s some issue regarding the drops of Halloween-themed clothing for the event, where they don’t seem to drop at all. Until this is fixed, we’ve established a collection thread for posts relating to the issue here.

The issue has been forwarded to the developers, but since it’s still weekend we’ll have to wait until tomorrow before we can get a concrete answer on the issue at hand.

To avoid flooding this news post I’m going to lock it until further notice.



I’ve gotten word the Halloween Event now works as intended. Feel free to report it here if it works for you.

Otherwise, get lootin’ :ghost:

Hey Guys!

The event should be working now and we also decided to extend the event until the 10th of November instead. Hope you’ll find that awesome halloween loot!