Reference Page - Apparel Sets -*Spoiler*

Military Set:

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Fancy Set:

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Hi I have a resistance helmet that’s white and has a ghillie net over it, its called the resistance ghillie helmet or something similar, i was hoping there was a top and pants with ghillie net over it but so far just resistance brown top and bottoms standard , Thanks

The current resistance gear is Ghillie helmet, resistance hemet, resistance bandanna, resistance coat, and resistance pants. I do not believe there is gloves or boots/shoes in resistance variant, at least as of now.

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Hi! Nice collection, I have a little addition to make:


Here are my rarest and newest sets that either aren’t covered in this topic or are covered partly (in no particular order):

Above image, from left to right: Elegant, Fancy, Ski, Antarctic Cowboy, Slayer, Worn.
Below image, from left to right: Interceptor, Annihilator, Xeno-Specialist, Ecto-Scientist, Stealthy Resistance, Cyclist.

Not all sets come with all the clothing pieces. For example; Elegant set doesn’t have pants or shoes, Ski set doesn’t have shirt, Antarctic Cowboy doesn’t have shirt, gloves and shoes, Slayer set doesn’t have pants etc.


Are these new? (June update) ?
I never found them (only the helmet).

What Carni showcases is Hazard set, obtainable from FNIX update Challenges. Though, the helmet is not part of the Hazard set. It’s part of the Experimental set.

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I only own the game on the PS4, thus my ignorance of Fnix new challenges rewards :wink: .

Besides Hazard suit, the Stealthy Resistance and Cyclist sets are also newest ones but to get either of the two, you’ll need FNIX Rising DLC. While for the former, only FNIX Rising update suffices.

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Did you guys know about the red experimental set?

I have the full red one

All I need is the helmet for the red set

dazzle colour?
Or maybe you could take a screenshot of the set?

Sure I will do sodo so

When I get on today, I will take a screen shot of it. You guys sure you have never heard of it? Its just red, but its an experimental.

This one?

I don’t have red gloves though. But i do have eyepiece and earpiece.

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Yes that is the one I’m talking about.

Is it a rare one to get?

It is as rare as any other color of Experimental set.

E.g the red jacket was the 8th one i found (out of my current total of 8), while the red pants were 3rd one i found (out of my current total of 7).