Character Biography

That’s cool i do the same while i’m playing and think that my charakter does the same.:+1:


As i read about the Charakter Biography of Alicia and her behavior she remebers me on Ellie in the Game “The last of us.” Sometimes i like to hear Ellies song. It is the song “True Faith” by Lotte Kestner.


That’s great! And I’m glad she reminds you of Ellie! :smiley:


Here’s my babe, dressed in more or less the same clothes since the day she was washed ashore, and havent bothered to change her clothes since.

Totally badass in an Ellen Ripley style, she’s here to kick some a**



Looks really cool and genuinely badass! Her shirt does remind me of Freddy Krueger too!

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The shirt is actually Freddy Kruger’s shit. There are other apparel items in the Slayer set, where you can make your char to look like Freddy Kruger.

Full set is visible in here: Reference Page - Apparel Sets -*Spoiler* (upper image, 2nd from right)

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So I put a screenshot of Alicia through FaceApp. Does she have a pretty smile?


Slightly uncanny valley, but cool nonetheless :sunglasses:


Hi AliciaStorm
How did you do this.

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Adrian Varghög
Born: 06.05.74. (Age 25)
Specialization: Vanguard.

Maja Varghög
Born: 02.09.76. (Age 23)
Specialization: Marksman.

Collective biography:

Adrian and Maja are the eldest children of Olof Malm, an infamous anarchist and freethinker who made some local headlines in Stockholm in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After repeated clashes with the authorities, Malm uprooted from Stockholm and bought an abandoned farm outside Norrköping. He named the farm Varghögen and adopted the name Varghög for himself. At Varghögen, Olof began building a self-sufficient community. A place to live free.

Soon, he extended invitations to his old friends, and one by one they rallied to join his community. Olof then founded the motorcycle club «Vargarna», born out of a passion he shared with his closest friends. The gang stayed on the right side of the law for the most part, and over the years the community at Varghögen thrived.

Olof had four children with his girlfriend from the community, a woman known only by the name Sanna.

Their children grew up in an unusually free environment. They attended public school, but apart from that, their days were mostly spent riding motorcycles and doing manual labor for the community. Politics were constantly discussed, but Adrian and Maja tended to show increasingly softer opinions than the ones the group originated from.

Varghögen also had it’s own private shooting range, and a variety of both legal and illegaly owned guns for the members to train with. Adrian and Maja excelled at the shooting range. Adrian naturally handled all kind of guns like they were an extended part of his body, but Maja was a lot calmer and could seemingly line up any shot to find it’s target.

In october of 1989, Adrian and Maja got into a bitter argument with their father about the community’s politics. The upset siblings walked away from their furious father and got on their motorcycles. They took to the open road, where no destination awaited them. Coincidentially, the road led them to Östertörn on the eastern coast.

The road ended where it met the sea. There they parked their bikes, and though their moral compass is straighter than their elder’s, the two bikers stole a boat and took it to a remote island. After a couple days, Adrian and Maja try to return to the main island, only to be attacked by an unknown enemy.


I used FaceApp, a mobile application for smartphones. It uses an AI to edit any photograph of a face in a variety of ways. You just need to get a screenshot of your character’s face onto your phone.

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So I recently got back into the game a little bit and finally got to Himfjäll, and I was immediately reminded of this song! My character would totally be singing it in the frozen plains and forests of Himfjäll!


Since I can no longer edit Alicia’s character profile for some reason, I wanted to add that Alicia would at times be accompanied by an actual pack of gray wolves. Over the months this pack of wolves would become fewer and fewer until only one wolf with piercing, ice-blue eyes remained.

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is your character like a unatural being?

Are you referring to my idea that she’s descended from the Norse gods? If so, then yes, but also no. I consider her to be human, but I wanted a way to explain how she can fight so well and defeat so many machines in combat and it seemed like a cool way to explain that.

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Cool character you have :blush:

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Thank you, I appreciate it! :smiley:


love this, I wanna give my Character a back story about them being an ex-gang member idk if there’s many or any gangs in swedan to fit in with my story though… :confused:

Hassan Al-Kafahji

Date of birth: October 5th 1971

Place of Birth: Tangier, Morocco

My Character is an orphaned child who recently lost his mother in a tragic accident in 1985, resulting in him moving in his Swedish grandparents home in Garphammar. Hassan, or “Halo” as his grandparents called him due to his kind and friendly nature, spent most of his time catching fish and going out on hikes with friends and family. However on November 12th 1989, his nature would change from innocent to hardcore…

Continued in my next post, in 3-5 business days


My characters name is not meant to offend anyone from any religion or country, I just want my character to have a unique backstory than a generic teenager turned freedom fighter