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So I got the game a few weeks ago, and just recently joined this forum. Since I’m a roleplayer, I decided my first post here would be a character profile I wrote for my own character using the Character Biographies collectables as a template. I might be making some edits from time to time when I get new ideas. Anyway, I hope people like it and I would appreciate you all letting me know what you think!

Full name: Alicia Eira Vigdis Storm.
Date and place of birth: 01/03/1973 (Age 16), Skövde, Sweden.
Skin colour: Light.
Hair colour: Raven black.
Eye colour: Blue.
Occupation: High School freshman (formerly), Warrior; resistance fighter and machine hunter (currently).
Registered address: Heillheim homestead, Forest Region, Östertörn; formerly, Skövde.
Marital status: N/A.
Personal number: 19730301-XXXX [confidential].
Contact(s) in case of emergency:
Torbjörn Storm, father.
Victoria Storm, mother.
Adrian Storm, brother.

Major life events
- 1973: Alicia is born during a fierce thunderstorm.
- 1983: Moved from Skövde to Östertörn.
- 1985: Stern, career military parents begin the family warrior tradition and spend most of the summer in the Forest and Mountain regions of Östertörn putting her through an equivalent of military basic training, training and drilling her in subjects such as military tactics, guerilla warfare, wilderness survival and a variety of martial arts. The training continues during the winter break from school the same year in order to teach her how to survive in harsher conditions. Despite the relentlessness of the training, Alicia enjoys testing herself and takes it very seriously. She takes it upon herself to train in martial arts and a few of the other subjects several days every week of each year.
- 1986: Her parents’ military boot camp resumes the next year, and her parents begin teaching her the handling of military small arms, despite the illegality of doing so.
- Early 1987: Her parents once again disregard the law and gifts her a custom Klaucke 17 handgun on her 14th birthday. Alicia goes on a hunting trip with her brother Adrian to bloody the weapon. Together, they (again illegally) hunt an unusually aggressive lone wolf that had been killing farmer’s sheep and dogs in the Farmlands Region. They track it to the areas of Kilslagen and Rusaberget, where Alicia uses the pistol to slay the beast.
- Mid 1987: Is suspended from school for beating up two older students she claimed were bullying a third. A grudge flares up between her parents and the school’s principal over the suspension due to her parents believing she did the right thing.
- Later 1987: Returns to school and begins practicing gymnastics to improve her agility.
- 1989: Becomes a High School (Gymnasiumskola) freshman and begins making friends there.
-November 1989: Goes on a ferry trip with a group of her classmates after the summer. Upon returning from the trip, the ferry is fired upon and destroyed by an unknown assailant. Amongst her friends, Alicia is the only survivor.
- November 1989: Discovers what has happened in Östertörn and manages to survive. She begins travelling by foot towards her family home while using the military training her parents spent years giving her to fight back against the machines.
- November 1989: Discovers the scene of a crime, where a rogue military squad had murdered a family of four, including the children, for refusing to relinquish their supplies. Alicia buries the family so that they may rest in peace, and then begins to hunt the perpetrators in order to bring a reckoning. She tracks them down to a church in the Forest Region of Östertörn and manages to ambush them there in a solo tactical assault using flashbangs to disorient them and smoke grenades to obscure their vision. She wears a gas mask to breathe while in the smoke and an experimental eyepiece with different vision modes that enable her to see her targets through the smoke. As the severity of the monstrous crime the rogue soldiers had committed removed any hesitation that she otherwise would have felt, Alicia kills every single one in what is essentially a merciless and efficient close-quarters massacre using gunfire from her HP5 submachine gun, her custom Klaucke 17 handgun, the blade of her fighting knife and one frag grenade.

Significant relationships

  • Torbjörn Magnus Storm, father, Colonel (Överste) in the Swedish Army.
  • Victoria Astrid Storm (neé Berglund), mother, Captain (Kommendör) in the Swedish Navy.
  • Adrian Gunnar Balder Storm, brother, Corporal (Korpral) in the Home Guard of the Swedish Armed Forces. Born during a fierce thunderstorm on 28/02/1967, in Skövde, Sweden.


  • Military training.
  • Camping.
  • Hunting.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Rock and Heavy Metal music.
  • Nordic folk music.
  • History.
  • The Poetic Edda.
  • Helping, protecting or avenging innocent people.
  • Testing herself in combat against both machines and human hostiles.


Alicia’s home base is at her family home in the Forest Region, but she also maintains wilderness camps in the various regions as well as having access to some military bunkers.

Current equipment

  1. Automatgevär 5 assault rifle. Her brother’s service rifle; he had left it in the family home along with a personal note for Alicia to find before joining the military efforts against the machines. Has a red dot sight attached, and a suppressor when necessary. Has a rifle sling attached and is almost always slung around Alicia’s shoulders.
  2. Custom Klaucke 17 with stainless steel slide and trigger, tritium night sights and blackened steel lower with matte anti-slip coating. Recieved from her brother and parents as a birthday present on her 14th birthday, in spite of the illegality of it. Uses extended magazines, and a suppressor when necessary. Constantly present on Alicia’s person in a handgun holster on her right hip.
  3. 12G Pump Action Shotgun. Has a shotgun choke attached. Carried it in a shotgun scabbard on Alicia’s back.
  4. HP5 Submachine Gun. Red dot sight, extended magazines and a suppressor. Alicia usually stores it in her backpack with the stock folded and no magazine inserted.
  5. Swedish Military fighting knife.
  6. Morakniv survival knife.
  7. Frag grenades.

These are the weapons she carries at all times, but she has used other weapons as the situation requires and the circumstances and location allow, such as Automatgevär 4, AI-76 Assault Rifle, Älgstudsare hunting rifle, Granatgevär m/49 and Pansarvärnsgevär 90: though she does not carry these weapons everywhere. Has also used land mines to set up ambushes and lured machines into them.

Field gear and armour:

Alicia recovered a pair of gray camo military combat pants and kneepads that a soldier had left behind in the Saltholmen Church. While exploring the “Uttern” Command Bunker, Alicia found a set of Experimental combat armour (breastplate and chest rig) and paired it with one of her blue camo military jackets from her own closet at her family home. She also has a black experimental military backpack she found alongside the Experimental armour.


Alicia’s outfit upon returning to Östertörn from the boat trip after the machine invasion

Alicia’s jacket

Alicia’s field gear and Experimental combat armour

Alicia’s field gear and Experimental combat armour with gas mask

Family home

A scenic picture of Heillheim, Alicia’s family home, taken from across the lake after an early snowfall a few weeks before the machine invasion. The name Heillheim is derived from the Old Norse words heill and heimr.

Character theme song


Great idea! :+1:

When i have time, i should create char profiles for all of my 4 girls as well. Though, i need to do quite a bit of thinking. :thinking:


Thanks! :smiley:

And that sounds great! It would be awesome to read what other players of the game come up with! If you need any help, just let me know!

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Full name: Frija Tindra Lindgrensen.
Date and place of birth: 03/09/1924, Trollhättan, Västergötland region, Sweden.
Occupation: Housewife / Translator / Grandmother
Registered address: Hagaboda, North Coast Region, Älvaret.
Marital status: Widow.
Personal number: 19240309-XXXX [confidential].
Contact(s) in case of emergency:

Hölger Hagarson, Son.
Änna Hagarson, Daughter.
Perla Hagarson, Daughter.
Vilmar Hagarson, Brother in Law.

Major life events
- 1924: Birth.
- 1942: Moved from Trollhättan to Hagaboda.
- 1946: Married to Hagar Hagarson
- 1947: Birth of a healthy 8 pound son Hölger
- 1948: Hagar started a business as a outdoor adventure guide (skiing/hiking/climbing.
- 1952: Birth of twin Daughters Änna and Perla
- 1953: Hagar died in December on Mount Everest, because the weather turned and his oxygen supply ran out.
- 1954: Following the sudden death of her husband and left alone with a young family, found work as a translator for a nature conservation organisation ‘Hälsosam Värld’ (NGO).
- 1965: Won first price ‘Target Shooting’ at Vassholmens Skytteklubb. Marksman difficulty.
- 1985: Publishes first Fantasy Novel under a pseudonym, using her late husband’s name as a tribute to him.
- 1989: Joins the resistance.

Significant relationships

  • Stig Lindgrensen , father, Born on 17/10/1900 Died of a heart-attack on Christmas day 1980.
  • Ingrid Grottandahl , mother, born 11/7/1902 Lives in a care home in Trollhättan.


Additional comments

  • Only child
  • Forgets things, but remembers a lot.

That’s a great character profile, @Gysbert! Thanks for posting!

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Model name: F-X Mark 2 Revision 1
Serial number: 464e4958204d6b2e4949205265762e49
Date of manufacture: October 31st, 1989
Place of manufacture: FOA6, Sweden
Army designation: Infiltreringsmaskin 101 - “Prickskytt”
Current status: Deployed

According to the digital blueprint, this is the first iteration of the
Infiltreringsmaskin 101 (“Prickskytt”). Due to the nature of its
consealment, this machine is able to mimic humans and infiltrate
the Resistance with ease.
The blueprint also indicates that it has the capacity for various
onboard weapons.


  • Experimental Pansarvärnsgevär 90
  • Experimental Automatgevär 4
  • .44 Panther Magnum


  • Marksman
  • Hacker

Model name: F-X Mark 2 Revision 2
Serial number: 464e4958204d6b2e4949205265762e4949
Date of manufacture: October 31st, 1989
Place of manufacture: FOA6, Sweden
Army designation: Infiltreringsmaskin 102 - “Läkare”
Current status: Deployed

According to the digital blueprint, this is the first iteration of the
Infiltreringsmaskin 102 (“Läkare”). Due to the nature of its
consealment, this machine is able to mimic humans and infiltrate
the Resistance with ease.
The blueprint also indicates that it has the capacity for various
onboard weapons.


  • Experimental Pansarvärnsgevär 90
  • Experimental Automatgevär 4
  • Experimental Klaucke 17


  • Medic

Model name: F-X Mark 2 Revision 3
Serial number: 464e4958204d6b2e4949205265762e494949
Date of manufacture: October 31st, 1989
Place of manufacture: FOA6, Sweden
Army designation: Infiltreringsmaskin 103 - “Artillerist”
Current status: Deployed

According to the digital blueprint, this is the first iteration of the
Infiltreringsmaskin 103 (“Artillerist”). Due to the nature of its
consealment, this machine is able to mimic humans and infiltrate
the Resistance with ease.
The blueprint also indicates that it has the capacity for various
onboard weapons.


  • Experimental KVM 59
  • Experimental Automatgevär 4
  • Experimental M/46
  • Experimental M/49


  • Vanguard

Model name: F-X Mark 2 Revision 4
Serial number: 464e4958204d6b2e4949205265762e4956
Date of manufacture: October 31st, 1989
Place of manufacture: FOA6, Sweden
Army designation: Infiltreringsmaskin 104 - “Mekaniker”
Current status: Deployed

According to the digital blueprint, this is the first iteration of the
Infiltreringsmaskin 104 (“Mekaniker”). Due to the nature of its
consealment, this machine is able to mimic humans and infiltrate
the Resistance with ease.
The blueprint also indicates that it has the capacity for various
onboard weapons.


  • Experimental Pansarvärnsgevär 90
  • Experimental Automatgevär 4
  • Experimental Klaucke 17
  • Experimental M/49


  • Engineer
  • Survivor

Full name: Erick William Dresive
Date and place of birth: 3/8/1968, Trollhättan, Västergötland region, Sweden.
Occupation: student/coder
Registered address: Hagaboda, North Coast Region, Älvaret.
Marital status: N/A
Personal number: 19680809-XXXXXXX (confidential)
Contacts in case of emergency:
Margaret Dresive, mother
William Dresive, father
Abbigail Dresive, sister
Johan Zandres, best frienD

Major life events:
-1968: birth
-1978: met his best friend, Johan.
-1983: went on his first hunting trip, found he enjoyed it
-1986: won a shooting tournament, used prize money to buy himself a new pistol.
-1987: built his first computer
-1986: goes to college, the same one as Johan and some of his other friends.
-1989: goes on a boat trip with his friends to celebrate the end of the semester.

Significant relationships:
-Margaret Dresive, mother, living in same address as son
William Dresive, father, living in same address as son
Abbigail Dresive, sister, same address as brother

-techno music

Additional comments: N/A


(I will edit with pictures eventually)


@Aesyle Oh, wow! So they’re similar to Terminators? That’s pretty awesome! Would really surprise Alicia, but I assume they’re pretty good at keeping their cover so she might not find out. Do they fight the machines at all? I assume they’d have to in order to keep their cover. Does their nature give them increased abilities? Sorry for all the questions! Anyway, you gave me some inspiration for additions to mine, such as an armament section.

As for Alicia, I’m pretending that a lot of the things I do in-game while I play are in-character, meaning Alicia actually does it, including fighting battles and doing missions and so on. I always attempt a stealthy approach to everything first, preferring to not get into fights or be the one who initiates them. Which is how Alicia would fight in-character! Anyway, that’s why I gave her ruthless military parents that put her through grueling training at an early age, to make it somewhat believable. But since I prefer to play solo, meaning Alicia is doing it all alone (and at such a young age with no real experience) I decided that she is also descended from the Norse gods (I know that sounds very cheesy and Mary Sue-ish, and it is. But I also think it sounds cool), giving her some heightened abilities. I just really don’t like suspending my disbelief, and I always need to make something work or be possible in some way or have an explanation, at least in my head.

@Rubricmarine Sounds very good! Did he do competition target shooting? You can indeed do that in Sweden with pistols. Also, was he 13 when he went hunting for the first time? In Sweden, the earliest age you can go hunting is 15, and that is only with adult supervision. Unless you do it illegally! Like my character did with her parents during the training they gave her. Anyway, it’s really cool that he likes coding! I’ve studied coding in real life in the past. In any case, I look forward to the incoming images!

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I added some more under the Additional comments section in Alicia’s profile!

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I don’t know anything about /Sweden/
I will edit accordingly!
Yeah, I put coding in there because his skills are hacker specialist and a lot of levels in the sniping tree.


I’ll do one for the Vanguard, should be interesting


@Rubricmarine Well, I am Swedish! Now, I don’t know everything about my country, but if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask! But since we’re talking about it, you could add one more year to when he won a shooting tournament and bought a pistol; you need to be a minimum of 18 to get a firearms license and own guns for any purpose and if my maths were correct, Erick was 17 in 1985, correct? In any case, is your name here on the forums a reference to the Rubric Marines of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion?

@AliasDJA Oooh, sounds cool! I look forward to finding out what the Vanguard is!

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Yes it is! Thousand sons best boys!
Will edit again, accordingly. I didn’t do any research at all on this and I just kinda came up with backstory on the fly (it’s a talent)


Well, it’s a good thing I made a video about it :slight_smile:


@AliasDJA Those are some very nice machine kills! Do you play aggressively, or more stealth like during gameplay? I try to approach things like my character would; with stealth first, being careful, tactically clearing indoor locations by for example preemptively aiming down sights as soon as I round any corner, and so on. And if I have to get into a fight, I scope out the place, count number of enemies, and always try to be the one who initiates the battle. Basically I just try to be as realistic as possible and true to Alicia. :slight_smile:


Since GZ as a game, has drawn inspiration from the Terminator series: e.g the super awesome main menu theme is very similar to the Terminator movie theme; machines appearance in GZ is similar to early terminator’s appearance and superintelligence is present in both; i also draw inspiration from terminator series when creating my char profiles. Though, my belief of player chars being actually machines and not humans at all, spans back to the time when i finished vanilla main missions more than 1 year ago.

In-depth explanation of char profile creation (click here to read)

Model name
Here, i draw inspiration from terminator series. Especially from T-X Terminatrix (female terminator) who is also capable of engaging and destroying other, older terminators.
Since all 4 of my chars are females as well and rather than using the T-X name, F-X is much better fit, especially since it very similar to another known phrase in game: FNIX.

Mark 2
In the game, we already have first iteration of machines, which can be classified by their class as:
Mark 1 Revision 1 - Prototype class
Mark 1 Revision 2 - Military class
Mark 1 Revision 3 - FNIX class
Mark 1 Revision 4 - Apocalypse class
Mark 1 Revision 5 - unknown class (dubbed “Reaper” by community)

And to add to that, second iteration of machines would be Mark 2.

I added revision numbers by the creation of my chars, where Revision 1 is my 1st (and oldest) char, Revision 2 is the next char i created and so forth.

Serial number
While serial number looks like random garble of letters and numbers, it isn’t so at all. Instead, serial number is written in machine code, in hexadecimal to be exact. And it can be converted into plain text which humans can read. You can check it out. :wink:

Date of manufacture
Not a random date. Instead carefully thought out and fitting to the timeline of GZ events. Also, the date being at Halloween isn’t coincidence either. With Halloween being an event dedicated to remembering the dead, it’s up to the other player’s imagination who’s dead they are representing.

Place of manufacture
Mysterious place somewhere in the Sweden, fitting to the GZ lore.

Army designation
Like all current types of machines having army designation, so do have they;

Underhållsmaskin 6 - “Myran”
Spaningsmaskin 22 - “Korpen”
Stridsmaskin 30 - “Järven”
Jaktmaskin 60 - “Ulven”
Ingenjörsmaskin 80 - “Oxen”
Stridsmaskin 90 - “Resen”

Infiltreringsmaskin 101 - “Prickskytt”
Infiltreringsmaskin 102 - “Läkare”
Infiltreringsmaskin 103 - “Artillerist”
Infiltreringsmaskin 104 - “Mekaniker”

The 101, 102, 103 and 104 have meaning as well. (Did draw inspiration from terminator series again, namely T-800 Model 101.) E.g 101 means: Series 100, Model 1. Series number represents first iteration of human looking machine and Model number represents the order of char creation.

Prickskytt, Läkare, Artillerist and Mekaniker state the main specialization they have and their role in outside world (among human population).

Blueprint description
With my girls being machines and not actual humans, the additional info is written similarly to the other machine blueprints by giving out some, but not all information about them.

List of weapons which was issued to them before deployment to best fit for their role. E.g Pricksytt has weapons that are equipped with scopes or Artillerist has heavy weaponry (KVM, Granatgevär m/49). Also, issued weapons are experimental ones for best effectiveness.
Of course, according to the blueprint, they can have other weapons as well.

(In game, i do have the exact weapons in use with each of them as well, true to their role and this is not fiction.)

Fancier word for specializations. (Here, i did draw inspiration from Deus Ex series of games.) Also to help out non-Swedish speaking people who doesn’t understand what Prickskytt, Läkare, Artillerist and Mekaniker means.

I dressed each of them according to the best fit for their role.

E.g F-X 101 looks like a mercenary sniper with the camo pants, big boots, experimental eyepiece, experimental earpiece but without going full military look by keeping comfy jacket, pink t-shirt, necklace and pink cap to get a good balance.

F-X 104 outfit doesn’t resemble her role of Mekaniker, despite there being matching outfit in the game. Instead, the adventurer outfit is good balance between her two specializations (Survivor and Engineer).

The info about my chars are essentially a blueprint that players can pick up from the world, just like it is with other machines. However, what the blueprint doesn’t state is their purpose and mission.

This form of info actually spawns a lot more questions than it answers and gives a lot to the imagination.

For example:
They do fight with other machines as well but the question is: Do they fight with other machines to keep their cover or is there some other purpose?
Do they know that they are machines or do they believe that they are humans?
What is their mission?

Forgot to add my play style.

Depending on which char of mine i’m playing, my play style also varies to certain degree but mainly, i still like sneaking and sniping the most. And i do scout the area and machines beforehand. Regardless with whom i play.

For example:
Playing with F-X 101, i like to use a lot of cover and often parkour my way to the roofs of buildings for best view to the surrounding area and for the good line of sight for sniping. One of my most favorite sniping positions is on top of the church’es roof. :grin:

F-X 102 was created solely for MP gameplay (i’m mainly solo player though). And in MP games, she is very good support char for other players.

When playing with F-X 103, i don’t have PVG90 in the arsenal to snipe machines from afar. Instead, i have several weapons to deal with groups of machines at once. Though, that doesn’t mean that i’ll run head first into machines. But with her, i’m more likely to engage groups of machines than with e.g F-X 101.

F-X 104 is many ways similar to F-X 101 but her skills are a lot different, focusing more on sneaking around.


Wow. You’re really putting some extra “effort” into playing a game. :wink: Here I am, desperately searching for a few hours every week to even play. I admire/envy those who find both the time to play a lot, and create community content on top of that. :blush::+1: IMO, this kind of content is necessary for a forum like this to stay interesting over time, so keep it up. :wink:

Speaking of which, I did try my hand at writing a story back in december, and I’m getting close to finishing chapter 2. :thought_balloon:


@Aesyle Wow, that’s amazing! You’ve put quite a bit more details into your characters than I have for Alicia! It’s very interesting to think about them - how intelligent are they; as intelligent as humans? Do they have feelings and emotions? Are they all completely dedicated to overthrowing the resistance and then humanity itself, or are they capable of evolving and changing their allegiance? - a lot of questions pop into my head, and it’s all very interesting to think about. I like the mystery and open-ended possibilites; I agree that it lets my imagination flourish, and that’s more enjoyable than recieving a definitive answer.

As for Alicia, I’ve put a lot of thought into her creation, especially with her name and the names of her family members. There are some similarities, such as Alicia’s name having meaning and her birthdate having meaning as well. Alicia’s last name, for example, is Storm; it used to be fairly common as a soldier’s name in Sweden, and is also supposed to represent the fact that she’s descended from the Norse gods. Her middle names are too; Eira is derived from the word “eir” which means “help, mercy” and Vigdis is a nordic women’s name even today, and is derived from the Old Norse name “Vígdís”, which itself is a combination of the words “víg” (“battle, fight”) and “dís” (“goddess, woman”). Vigdis essentially means “war goddess” Her middle names are supposed to symbolize that Alicia’s destiny is to help people and humanity in general through violence and fighting battles. As for her birthdate, I picked March 1, 1973 for two reasons. First reason is that March 1 was a Thursday in 1973, and Thursday is Thor’s Day; it is literally named after Thor. Secondly, the month of March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. Alicia’s brother was born on January 26, 1965 because January 26 was a Tuesday that year, and Tuesday is supposedly named after Týr, another Norse god.

Alicia currently has no idea of her ancestry, and believes she is a normal person. And she’s still entirely mortal and can definitely die; she’s just got a bit more strength, speed, endurance and perhaps wound healing than she otherwise would to explain how she can pull through and not die. In-game, I’ve only been downed 7 times, and I’ve never had to respawn at a safehouse as I’ve always had more than enough adrenaline shots. I roleplay that on those occasions, Alicia is severely wounded and not killed; she’s used an adrenaline shot to get through the fight by either destroying the machines or by just running away, and then retreated to heal.

Now, I realize that the whole Norse god ancestry thing is probably not at all consistent with GZ lore, but I haven’t found anything that says it’s impossible either. In fact, I think there’s a place in-game where you can find a destroyed machine with a viking sword stuck in it. That’s probably some form of easter egg, but at least it’s something in my opinion.

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@NJR87 Thanks a lot! And yes, I have a lot of time to spend on this. Too much time, probably! :laughing:

I’ll read the story you wrote! As for short stories, I’ve been thinking of writing some from Alicia’s perspective, perhaps as a diary. It’d begin by detailing her experiences during the machine invasion and non-DLC parts of the game, such as trying to survive during the first few days, watching the machines to learn their behavioural patterns and weaknesses, starting to fight the machines, and also having to kill other human survivors who had essentially become ruthless bandits out of desperation or simple opportunity and, unprovoked, had attacked her and other innocent people. I’m not sure if that last part would fit into the lore, but it’s something I imagine would be quite possible in the situation the game takes place in.