Beautiful Hike Routes


Route 1: Electrical Power Lines

It’s important to keep fit in this hostile world so I love to run hike trails to relax and absorb the beauty of the Swedish nature.

Today I did a Electrical Power Lines hike which I started at 75, 1932. Not sure if those smaller poles with wires are part of the electrical net, but it didn’t matter for my run. Everything was perfect. The sun was shining, and very important no machines in sight. :sun_with_face: And to make sure this was going to be be a good fitness exercise, where I could run fast when needed I packed a minimal backpack. Just enough to make it back alive if things got rough.

I ran until I reached the big masts at 79, 1101 and started following them, keeping an eye out for seekers and listening for the oh so familiar sounds of the machines.

The masts stood in a more or less straight line and crossed some rather open fields where I was obviously open for attack by machines. I decided not engage in fights if I could. I would just keep running, hoping this day was my lucky day. Afterall it was supposed to be a relaxing run. So far so good!

On the next picture you see that at a certain point the lines bend slightly to the right. Leading toward a more wooded terrain. Here it was trickier to see if machines were close. Also it was getter darker. After a mile or so the power line ends at -3148, 1616. Close to an area called Glennaröd.

I had just time to take the last photograph, when I was almost spotted by a trio of angry Hunters. Time to go prone and flee unseen, get home, get a shower, and dream of an another hike cross country.

Route 2: Cave- and underground locations (except bunkers).
Route 3: Färgglada Lastbilar.
Route 4: Tornande Strukturer.
Route 5: Vapenkassun & Ammunition Förråd.
Route 6: Forntida Kultur & Ritualer.
Route 7: Crashed Vråken Strike Fighters.
Route 8: Resistance Graffiti & Warnings
Route 9: Signs, Signs and even more Signs
Route 10: Bridges & Walkways
Route 11: Kasematt or Defence Bunkers

Interesting locations
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Route 2: Cave- and underground locations (except bunkers)

Contains spoilers!

Today I waited till the weather cleared, because it was raining all the time with some
occasional thunderstorm. My plan was to visit all caves and underground locations that are known to me.
I started in the Marshland region at an Cave Dock and had planned to finish the hike in the south of the South Coast region.


Next I went to an abandoned Mine.

This I found between Hellgard and Boo.

A sinister and creepy shallow cave. Photo made from inside out.

On this hike I encountered 4 caves, each of which has two different openings in the rock. The next two photo’s show the two entrances of the same cave.

The next underground structure has some hazardous green stuff on its path down.
Be careful where you walk and be quick.

This cave isn’t very deep, but it looked like there was a cave-in in the past. It is on Himfjäll Island near a large lookout.

From Himfjäll Island I travelled to the Farmlands Region to make a picture of this cave-like structures when I found 3 caves there. The second cave has 2 exits. Very nice to visit on a sunny day.

Ånnagruvan Mine cave. Added Nov 2020 update (-1746, -1412)

Next cave is used as a safehouse.

These stairs lead down to the resistance. A fine example of human ingenuity making use of natural cavities in the rock.

The next Heart-shaped cave is a real nice one.
You might call it the love cave, and it has a loveboat in it.

On Archpilago I found two other caves close together, each also having two openings where you can enter (or exit).

The second double entrance cave has some sort of Tick infestation, so be aware of that if you visit.

Music Cave.

The next photo is of a cave that might been previously inhabited by an animal, I am not sure. But I nearly died there, of that I am sure.

The sun was getting lower I had to hurry to get to the next places before dusk. I wanted to make photo’s when it was still light. Only three more places to go. First to Måsskär! This cave has water that is damaging when you fall in.

Long tunnel through a mountain.

Outside view of a cave hard to enter. Maybe I can drop in from above to see what in there.

Inside view looking out...

Very easy to miss if it was not part of a mission.

This cave I found on South coast region and is occupied by FNIX.

The next two photo’s I also made in the South Coast region.

And with that last click of the camera I could return home again. I was happy, even though it was a long tiring run, it also was a beautiful and wonderful hike. I always will be wondering if I missed some secret place somewhere, that would have fit this cave route. Anyway, I add them when I find them.

More photo’s. Trench tunnelled under the road. The water there can be treacherous.

Found a little narrow Skiers camp cave on Himfjäll.

Not a cave, but… a big squarish hole in the middle of nowhere in the North Coast region with no obvious purpose.

After the november 2020 update there were several deep holes in the Norrmyra Arena, on of which led to a cave. These structures were removed from the game in the Dec 2020 update, and replaced with nine 1.5mtr round hatches.

Arena cave entrance

Arena cave

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Brilliant work here @Gysbert well done :+1:


Thanks @Admiralgamer, I had fun doing it. :sunglasses:


Route 3: Färgglada Lastbilar

When I was running around the Swedish regions and checking locations for weapons, I came across some nice ‘Ville’ Trucks. First pic I made were from the trucks of the Benso fuel company, which were standing near a Benso gas pump station, all neatly in a row.

But the next Benso truck I saw wasn’t that neatly parked. We will never know what really happened. I did not stop to investigate. But look at its beautiful colors.

Near the Police Station I saw this Post Office truck with it’s precious cargo of parcels and letters nevermore being delivered. Love letters withering away together with bills.

The next truck had no company name advertising about what its cargo could be.
It’s has nice colors though.

Military trucks were all over the place, but I liked the composition of this one with a container next to the one without a container.

In passing this abandoned truck, I thought of the Hollies song “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”, though this truck is endlessly carrying its brother without moving an inch.

Running past and through farms and homesteads, I took a shot of this truck with air- or water tanks as its cargo. Not so often seen. Green with blue, how do you do!

Bepp Cola trucks however are very common. I encountered many Bepp trucks on my run. I guess the Swedish people love their Cola…

And ofcourse the many ‘burney gray’ victims of war were also around, and even though they make a less beautiful picture, they are a part of it all, and they can’t and may not be denied.

Next one where I stopped to make a photograph, was this a green army truck with a red army container, a nice color combination. Just like a red beret commando standing firm, not giving way!

Another truck that I saw regularly was the Kundsam Livsmedel (food) trucks. Food is one of the most important things we need. And it is scarce now. But we have a lot of empty food trucks.

Another truck not so often seen is a truck with tree logs. I found it near the fields where trees were cut, so yeah, not too surprising.

And of course I also found a truck with nicely sawed wood, perfectly fitting in the red and brown colours of the sunny winter landscape.

And just before I finished my run, I saw this nice red Bepp Cola truck, empty, containerless. Finished. Time to go home.

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I love this thread.

So much.

Literally made my day.


Yeah but gysbert has left the forums for a bit now he told me himself


But I still read here, it’s hard to go cold turkey…:smirk:


Route 4: Tornande Strukturer

I have been running the equivalent of 1.5 times the Earth’s circumference, and today I decided to take pictures of the towering structures I encountered. On the first picture I captured an Air Surveillance Radar (LSTAR) on a bunker just like the ones on the many Radar masts.

At Stenhaga Farm I counted six identical silos two of which I show you here with the shadow of the trees on them.

When I see this lone windmill below, I can’t but think of the story of Don Quixote who thought these were giants with waving arms, trying to kill him. I better stay clear of the “waving arms” just to be sure.

The masts of the Ski-lift carrying the carts are a wonderful sight against the snowy backdrop. Just for a minute the sounds of the harvester nearby silenced in my mind!

At the ruins of the huge Iboholmen Castle I shot this picture of the remains of the once so powerful castle towers.

On all my runs I counted eighteen Churches, but this one at night in a fiery blaze really makes a nice picture.

Of six Lighthouses to choose from, I chose the Karl-Erik Lighthouse, because at the time of this picture the lighting was simply beautiful.

Three factory chimneys on IGA factory facility, normally emitting the foulest stench but now they no longer work and look like pillars of wisdom.

The next industrial looking chimneys made me wonder what they were. I thought maybe cooling towers, because they were so wide.

I covered Power-lines in a different hike route. I took this picture because here the powerline with double masts meets with the single one.

This wooden lookout tower has a nice triangle base shape design, there are two of these type on Himfjäll Island and one in the farmland region.

The tall Radar masts like the one on the picture, are easy to spot, but are also easy to erroneously dismiss them as ones you have already seen. I found eleven masts so far. Some are tethered and some are firmly anchored on solid ground or buildings.

The steel Mining Tower is my favorite. It has that industrial look with broad steel steps. All the way up it makes a good sniper spot, were it not it’s located in a wooded terrain.

With the big cable wheel in the top

This Beauty is a Polarimetric Phased Array Radar tower, of which I found three. This one in Himarvet and the one in Östervik have a red door in the center column (locked). The one near Hjortqvarns Sågverk has strangely enough no door. All of them have a radio mast on top. Making them one of the highest man made structures in GZ.

I almost forgot the gate and tower of Ålnästet ruins. They are a sight for sore eyes.

I’ll end this run with a picture of two tall and slender factory chimneys reaching pointless for the skies, and becoming nothing more than a resting place for birds.

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The good old Swedish Truck Simulator :sweat_smile:


Route 5: Vapenkassun & Ammunition Förråd

When you run around the game world you’re bound to come across these colorful concrete cubes. Some have discrete colors and are perfectly hidden in the environment, but some like this Red one in the Farmlands, seems to want you to know it’s here for you to take what you need.

On the next photo (which I took in the Farmlands as well), you see this light colored cube which had me thinking for a while what color it was. I’m still not sure, but I settled on Ivory.

This modest green one I found in the Archipelago region.

Another ‘Förråd Kub’ I saw on my run through the Farmlands Region had a bluish complexion and would be quite easily spotted in day time, but in the misty nights it would not.

In the North Coast region I found another glorious red one. I really love to take photos of them when the skies are clear.

In the Marshlands region I found a new color, Anthracite Black.

This Ivory colored one is located in the Forest Region, as you might have guessed looking at the photo.

If you happen to find this one on Archipelago, you might as well get the key for all these small storages. It’s right there.

Wow, again another Ivory one. This color seem to be having the upper hand. This one can be found in the Mountain Region.

And then this nice blue one in the Forest Region sticks out like a sore blue thumb.

This white one on Himfjäll truely adapted to the snowy scenery.

Here I had to take the photo from a distance, since there was some nasty radiation emanating on that platform. Another Ivory one on Himfjäll Island.

I quickly snapped this Ivory Cube in the sunny South Coast Region, before the clouds would spoil the light. One of the few without a fence.

Did I tell you that I like the color red? Well it’s the last red one I have found so far. This one is next to a Radar mast in the South Coast Region. This is the type without a roof, and instead it has crane hooks.

Ok, back on Himfjäll again with this Cube in Green, door and all. Somebody or something broke down the fence. I didn’t do it.

Another white concrete förråd building on snowy Himfjäll Island. Let’s stock up on ammo.

With all these Ivory concrete blocks we could build an Ivory Tower.

Ivory cube. Hard to miss.

Adding a second cube from Marshland region. This one is not black, but it’s the ninth ivory.

Number 20 is a beautiful lone white concrete model in the South Coast region, which seem to be floating on air.

In the Mountain Region I found this white vault inside a bunker, it has rails go to it.

In the Mountain Region I also found these white twin vaults. Close to the previous one.
I bet I might have missed more of these in other bunkers.

In the next Farmland Bunker I found blue triplets cubes. They are the numbers 24, 25 and 26 in this list. Not very good photographic conditions though due to the gas.

In a bunker in the North Coast Region I found two white ammo vaults, number 27 and 28. Luckily no gas in this area.

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Theres 3 at Overby air base in the bunker @Gysbert


Cool I will visit that.


A word of caution the room is full of gas


Well I wanted to take a picture. I will see how it goes.


I love your travelogues @Gysbert !


Hermelinen Command bunker also has that weapons vault and if my memory serves me correct, Tosberga Fort complex also has those inside the bunker.


One of the bunker photos is in Torsberga Fort. I will check Hermelinen bunker. Thanks.


These hike routes are awesome! Take a nice calm break, in the beautiful world, after killing thousands.


Also that gas makes the photo look really good. I quite like the gas one.