Interesting locations

"He who seeks will find ” “ Calm, just calm
You think that threatening? :astonished:

I maybe read more into it. That’s the translation of it, yes. But my interpretation of it in Swedish is more like: “Those who seeks shall find, just wait and see”

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Ok I see… Are you sure you not wishfully thinking towards the hypothetical existence of a serial-killer? Haha… :wink:

Who isn’t a sucker for a great mystery? ;p


Morning all. I’ve been trying to find a location that I found shortly after February update and hopefully someone remembers.

I was in the “Unknown” crater area, and remember being shown a dried up lake bed underground that had nothing there apart from sandy walls, and holes in the ceiling to let light in.

It’s quite well lit, and is a visible dried up bed but cannot remember for the life of me where it was.

Anyone got any ideas?

Oracle? @Aesyle

Hmmm… only loc that i know of and partly matches the description, would be the caves in FOA2. Especially the holes in the ceiling part. But that is in Marshlands, not Farmlands and these have been patched out. Some screens of it here: Beautiful Hike Routes

However, for additional help, i summon the expert of travels: @Gysbert. :blush:

You mean some kind of cave you can enter, located in the explosion regio of the crater or crater himself?

I know some caves with dry lake bed in Annagruvan (627/-1440)

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Hehe…:grin:, I don’t think I already found what @AliasDJA is looking for, so I don’t know its location. I’m worried that it might been a mistake and been patched up by the devs. I hope I am wrong and there is still something hidden underground for us to find.

Is it really a lake?
The only thing I can remember is one of the underground entrances at the “Unknown” crater, that contains a closed gate with water behind it and some vehicles too.
I don´t remember any dried bed lake in the game :thinking:
Could you instead be thinking about other game ?

Funny guy, no it’s defiantly this one.

I spoke to Biscuits this evening and he says it’s in one of 3 places we went that day as he was showing me the glitches post FNIX rising he had found.

He showed me behind security red locked door then we went tothis underground location, that had a grey rocky floor, all looking exactly the same, and smooth tan kind of Sandy curvy walls going really high up to holes in the ceiling to let light it.

I seem to remember a cave in the wall that we couldn’t access because it was too high even though I tried getting on top of his shoulders.

Ah, a glitch location.
I don´t know then.
Post a image with the coordinates if you find it again please.

Edit: if it is a “glitch” don´t post on the forum due to the rules, but please send me by private message thank you.

If it’s a glitch location, please don’t post it on the forums.

Why do you think that it is a glitch location if I was able to access it on foot without any special setup?

However, I do understand the sensitivity of it - so…we are heading back there Saturday and he remembers where we went. If it’s as easy as walking there, I will get a coordinate here over the weekend.

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There are 6 Lighthouses, all have a name, except the lighthouse in Tärnboda Skans. Is the name ever mentioned in the lore?


It’s “Övertärnafyren lighthouse”. You can find that name in “Make Some Noise” main mission details.


So I found this truck with a radar dish and what seems to be a mobile command/communications base in the storage container on the back. Images below.

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Rock with resistance logo on it. In the field south of Littorp.

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Something similar here, but this time not in a truck but in a shipping container. :sunglasses:

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How strange. The logo almost looks like an arrow… :thinking:

I can look around. But it is the same logo on the reveal for the resistance update.