[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Falling Through the Ground

Door is installed the wrong way

Östra Mark (Farmlands)

Map loc.

Door in “closed” position. Hinges float in air.

And since door is installed the wrong way, it doesn’t close fully either.

Just went to check the stash underneath the boat on the small island north of Hagaboda when I came across this “sinkhole” that looks rather man-made. Wonder what that’s all about …

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This looks like something that’s not supposed to be there, so I’ve moved this to the appropriate thread in #bug-reports.


I have this location in my Cave- and underground locations (except bunkers). route. Do you really think it is needed to get it removed? I kind of liked that find.

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Well, it could be fun to try and lure a tank into it :grin:

Well, it seems that the Devs … despite my pleading … allowed gravity to do it’s thing on the Magritte rock. So they’ll probably remove this hole too. They did, however, give me a floating road. Nice. It’s on the pier just east of the island with the sinkhole.

The world of Østertørn never seizes to amaze me :slightly_smiling_face:

When something like this hole isn’t typically a glitch, and not causes problems it should stay, i think. It’s just something that players can discover and wonder about. I think I saw that floating road. But I check, I did the assignments so nothing is keeping me.:wink:

Edit: I’m back from the pier. Yes, that’s what I that saw. These floating road effects I have seen in different spots too, but never made a note of them.


Skinnarbol Crater (Farmlands)

Overlapping terrain

When crawling closer in Prone, you can view under the terrain

Map loc

Wider shot to help to locate the issue. It’s just left where the concrete ends.

Terrain ends too soon, creating this issue

Map loc

Wider shot to help to locate the issue. It’s just above of my crosshair

Faced with such a problem, a room opens, which, in theory, should not open. Problem is reproducible on PCimage Coordinates: 1673.327, 2992.246

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In the farmlands region, west of Hackebergasjon there is a small lake. Only half of this lake is water. You are able to walk right into the water with no problem. Towards the far cliffside you suddenly walk into water and will be teleported back to the spot next to the bodies. Coordinates: -1569 -1569

Invisible wall at St. Anna Church:

:yellow_circle: One more :yellow_circle:

i am on pc. and will add any that i will find

Same issue topics merged.


When you do, please add screenshot of the map as well, to locate it.

found an new bug with the update in the skyvadern command bunker.


the one with the box is an bug from before the update.

Hello there. New member of the forum but I came across this when exploring. Location in the image as well as the Issue.

If its not obvious but yeah there is a strange square shaped hole in the ground that looks like a building should go?