Östertörn Turistbyrå (*spoilers*)

Sweden has mined the ground for thousand of years and you will find iron, copper and gold in the underground. If you visit the Annagruva mine you should remember to explore the nearby caves just north of the desolated mine. Be sure to wear proper safety equipment.


During the last ice age, Östertörn was covered in a several hundred meters thick ice sheet. As the glaciers receded the melting ice formed deep ravines in the landscape. You will still find these ravines today, and a fine walk through such a ravine starts south of Klinte, Follow the ravine southeast underneath several bridges on the way to the dam. Please note that a military compound is situated behind the dam, and only Swedish nationals are allowed access to this area. Please respect that or army personel might retain you for questioning.

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Okay what there are mines actually in the game? And i mean the digging mines not the blowing up type of mines

You’ll find plenty of caves and some dig sites but the only accessible mine I can recall is a safehouse. And it is not big. I hope the devs will open up some real mines in future releases.

oh okay I would be down to go into a mine system with robots lurking down there. And maybe if you take the right paths they can reward us with some loot.

The Kilslagen mountain region is an impressive natural reserve with varied wildlife and magnificient viewpoints. If you stop for lunch at Hjalmars Stuga you should not miss their famous blueberry soup and wafers with sour cream. Northwest of Hjalmars Stuga you will find Kilslagen Canyon, an impressive gorge running in the east/west direction connecting the two sides of the mountain. In earlier days, this was an important route for herding cattle to the market in Klinte and at night, marauders would occasionally attack travellers and relieve them from their possessions … and sometimes even their lives. It is said that their ghosts are doomed to roam the gorge for all eternity, so be careful when venturing into the canyon after dark.


Deep in Kilsberget forest north of Jägarstugan you may find a stone stairway believed to be a part of an ancient and now gone structure. The function of the stairs are surrounded with superstition and myth, and they might have been part of some pagan Swedish rituals related to solstice. It should only be visited with a guide and it is strongly advised not to climb the stairs.


A mysterous voice in the wind that blows through the pinetrees whispers, urging you to climb the steps…


It is a well known fact amongst art critics that René Francois Ghislain Magrittes Swedish period was initiated by his visit to Östertörn in the late fifties. His masterpiece “Les Idées Claires” from 1958 was directly inspired by the floating rock on the east side of Tylöveden. This rock is one of the finest wonders of the world, and the University in Lund has a entire department of Physicists specialized in quantum mechanics assigned to study this magnificent phenomena.


I’d really love to see this but can’t seem to find it. Running around the Kilsberget summit for a while now. The area is vast.

EDIT: It would be great if those sights had a map or coordinates attached! I would love to visit them, highly appreciate the hiking tips! :slight_smile:

I’ll add coordinates this weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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That would be awesome!

Where is Tylöveden, btw? A search function for the map would be great, as well.

EDIT: A not so small red circle on a map screenshot would do. That you have a little bit of searching to do.

If I recall correctly it is southwest of Lennarts Marin ( next to the southmost of the eastern islands). Look for a military storage bunker. The floating rock is nearby. :balloon:

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I intentional didn’t want these tips to be completed give-aways for that reason. But it shouldn’t be too hard either. I’ll figure out something. And the stairs are particularly hard to find.

I perfectly understand. Much appreciated! :heart:

Hey, I did find the stairs by accident! :smiley:

The floating rock is next on my list, will try it without help at first.

EDIT: It is, indeed, a miracle. :slight_smile:

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This is actually incorrect, it is far more to the north (just for fellow seekers).

Thanks for the correction, @pegnose. I simply haven’t had the time to make detailed directions, sorry. Mad busy these days. When I get the time, I’ll be back. I have a few extra locations I would like to add too.

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Absolutely no problem! I just wanted to give sort of a direction for others. Same as my screenshot does, although it is not a very strong hint.

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Just take care that you don’t fall into one of the deep clefts there. If you visit the place alone, you might never get out again!