Talk about the Planes and Airports in Generation zero

the second one seems to be name ngrdGrnqvst, seems to be Ingrid Granquvist, and VrnkNlssn, seems to Be Veronika Nelsson. Not sure about the others though.

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Always the way to go. :sunglasses:
I wondered why nobody tried it.

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Its almost an Impossible mission.
Like asking " how many tall buildings are there in New York?" :sweat_smile:

But are they coded?
They seem gibberish to me, or maybe only someone that understands Swedish can understand?

Either that, or someone who is obsessed with GZ (a :crazy_face: to say so). :grin: :rofl:


ngrdGrnqvst = Ingrid Granqvist (researcher in FOA)
VrnkNlssn = Veronika Nilsson (computer engineer in FOA)
HknPttrssn = Hakan Pettersson (lead surgeon in FOA)
HlnJcbssn = Helena Jacobsson (fictional character in Xezr’s fan fiction + character in “The Fallen” side mission)
ntSjgrn = Anita Sjögren (travel agent and tourist guide)
IsKhrsnd = Elsa Khorsandi (certified pilot of the Vraken fighter)
BnnMlmqvst = Benny Malmqvist (one of the founders and lead singer of Barb Rose band)
nclCll = Uncle Calle (farmer, biggest conspiracy theorist in Östertön)
IdBdl = Old Bodil (prepper, good friend of Calle and co-conspirator)

Edit: correction to one of the chars.

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The crashed Vråken scene at the FOA 2 Arena has changed back again to how it was before in april 2019. At that time there was a arena with concrete circular slabs. But somehow (glitch-wise?) the slabs were removed an replaced with strange deep holes. Now (dec 2020) the scene where the Vråken crashed into a small concrete pillbox is once again restored.

The arena seems to have a strange evolution. Luckily the holes are now covered again with nine concrete circular slabs each with a small (~2.0 mtr) hatch where presumably a pillbox or small machines can rise up, from the bunker below.

One the hatches has a Switch. Nothing happened though. Took a pic of it anyway after I killed 4 hunters that were waiting in the arena. I bet they came up through those hatches, no?

The concrete slab with the switch does look unfinished in comparison with the other 8. It doesn’t have a nice round iron ring and black & yellow coloring around the hatch, neither does it have these iron crane fixtures.

Top view of the changed arena, with all of the 9 hatches just in view. Picture made to document any further changes the game makes to the Vråken in the arena.


The switch, however, was removed in the '21 may update.

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Sometimes the visualization is’t always consistent with the narrative as is the case here with the picture of the Vråken from the mission “The Fallen”. I’m not a purist per sé so most of the time I don’t even notice those little inconsistencies and if i did it doesn’t bother me. But I know that some people feel, it would be more satisfying, if in this case the ejector seat was missing.

For those who are interested in more crash sites in this game I listed eleven here.

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Night shot of the F23 Överby Air Base runway…

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One model to save time, or to minimize the number of different objects to render in the game world, is understandable, still I would have liked at least different tail codes on the planes. All Vråken are literally duplicates. All with the tail code 42. Even the serial numbers are the same.

In one of the pilot transmissions, we hear her use her call sign “Wilhelm 42”, where I guess the 42 is the tail code of her Strike fighter. Tail codes are there to provide unique aircraft identification, it is not like a generic non-smoking sign which can be all the same.

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Poll flyby…
They are just names without the vowels and spaces.Take for instance Amelia Earhart the first Female Aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on her own. The name Amelia Earhart has a lot of vowels. If I deleted those vowels it then would make recognizing her name a hard puzzle.
However, in my quizy-poll I used the two pilots that were mentioned in GZ lore, and I figured that the chance to know them were pretty high for GZ players. So not too hard to try, or quess.

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While I know that this is a game and cannot have everything in the game-world, I would like more explorable buildings. When I look at the facilities on Flygflottilj 23 there is no obvious ATC (Air Traffic Control) building. Maybe Military Air bases have less conspicuously buildings and the red brick building is the ATC. I don’t know.

I have been looking at Air traffic control towers, and they are mostly high towers to oversee the whole airfield, and equipped with radar and radio antennas. I can see myself climbing up there for a mission.


the graphics are simply unreal

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I agree. The graphics are stunning. Welcome to this Community. Do you have any insights concerning Aviation in this game?

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On other note I was thinking that the F23 Underground bunker should have ammunition storage that would fit the Vråken Strike Fighter armament, but I could not find any.
In the Muskudden Port Bunker I did find these M/50 which might be shells for a (naval) artillery gun, or rockets for a strike fighter, see pics below. Or maybe not rockets since those here have no fins. Hmm.

Does anybody have some insight or detailed information what weapon this M/50 type of ammunition could be for?

Mr. Wingman: “Are you really expect someone to answer? You should know better by now.

Me: “Well, you always been a pessimist. Have a little faith.

Mr. Wingman: “And you are too gullible. If it weren’t for me to stick around and keep an eye on your six, you would be lonely this Christmas. You have been looking all over the place. Accept it, there is nobody here!

Me: "Maybe if I build a big bonfire that would attract somebody? Or wait a Christmas tree. We can’t have Christmas without a tree. "

Mr. Wingman: “Bah Humbug! Count me out. I will not help you with that nonsense.

Me: “Suit yourself. I going to cut me a nice tree.


My guess is that those are ammo for the Bofors 120 mm automatic gun. A Swedish made naval artillery canon.

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Well that would be fitting in a Game which takes place in Sweden. I never would have guessed from the pictures that the diameter of those rounds was 120 mm. It looked smaller to me. Anyway, it leaves me without any armament for the Strike fighters in storage. Which is odd, on a military Air Base. We do find rounds for the Bofors Artillery gun at a port bunker, but no Artillery gun. What is going on?

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I just realised that Åsötungan Outpost (pic above) was just as the other 4 Anl bunkers, a place where a Strike Fighter was parked, which could take off from there and land back. Making this the seventh location where strike fighters potentially could take off from. This was of course before the resistance took over the place and built a defence perimeter around the exit. Clearly they had no intention to take the nice and shiny Vråken which is parked here, to the sky.

Locations where intact Vråken are parked:

  1. F23 Överby Air Base
  2. Anl 118 Färela
  3. Anl 129 Viggohem
  4. Anl 144 Vidsele (Farmlands)
  5. Anl 144 Vidsele (South Coast)
  6. Anl 182 Hässlehed
  7. Åsötungan Outpost Bunker
  8. Hermelinen bunker
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The tails look a litle bit like the tails of a DC 3 The good old Douglas DC 3, called Candy Bomber . :laughing:

The picture shows one from the swedish Air Force

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As Mr_A1992 said. the Vråken Jets have a shape that fits really close to the Saab Viggen.
The Photo above shows one from the swedish Airforce. And was produced till 1990. So it fits to the time. It could be depend on copy rights, that they gave the jets a little other shape in the game.

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@helldiver, now you posted this picture of the Saab Viggen, I remembered that I wanted to ask about the number near the cockpit. The vråken has 17 and 42 as tailnumber. This Saab has 21 and 56 as Tail number. Do you know anything about that “cockpit number”. What its for, or what it’s telling?

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