New added locations

What are you referring to?

The collectable mix tape at Averholm manor.

I was talking about Averholm Manor collectable after '21 feb update. Do you also ?

There are 22 mix tapes to collect and I have 21 of them. The 22nd was in Averholm manor but it has been burnt down and boarded up, even the door/ entrance doesn’t exist, replaced by ivy on a frame.

Ok I see. I have got all mix tapes long before. I can’t remember if the Manor had an collectable. Maybe someone else knows. I have no notes on that. But it could explain the faulty collectable counter i get there. If there was an collectable, and it’s no longer available then this needs to be a bug report.

Check this first.

Tape: Carl Vråla

Carl Vråla is a very famous Swedish pop singer-songwriter. He’s sold millions of records and has fans* all over Sweden, which is a feat in a country with a population of less than 10 million.

I checked the forbidden map.
It had in fact one there.
So, I understand yes.
You should make a bug out of this.
That way at least someone might know where it is

Yeah, I will have to look into reporting the issue . I checked on youtube vids and it was there before, plain as day, the guys just stroll in and pick it up. ty anyway.


Not a new location, but the felled trees now have a sticker with “E.F.N 23980” on it, and I wondered if someone from Sweden knows what E.F.N stands for?

I would say its something to do with quality of the wood - a kind of grading tag. Number is the batch maybe?

Managed to find a link on how they grade lumber in general - maybe this is just a Swedish abbreviation…?

I am swedish and i dont know what EFN means, but i searched it and i found that EFN means: Ekonomikanalen EFN (Ekonomi- och Finansnyheterna)

So sorry i wasnt so helpful

But is that abbreviation some way connected to grading the wood?

I agree that it is most likely a grading for the wood quality or hardness. Swe111 mentions Ekonomi- och Finansnyheterna which google translates to “Economic and Financial News”. But if this has any connection to wood, I don’t know.

I don’t think it has anything to ekonomi- och finansnyheterna has anything to do with wood grading. I have some friends that has land owners here in Sweden, I’ll ask them and see if they can give some clarity in this.

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Those stapled small labels served as a trademark for the wood owners and told the sawmill who would get paid and what the logs would be sawn up to. Though I have never heard or remembered what the abbreviations meant or if it was part of the trademark?

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European Forest Network? A quick Google suggests it replaced the Nordic Forestry Union in 1990 so it may be a bit ‘out of time’ for that.

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I was ambling about today and at 307/-4467 on the northern tip of the map and found a huge square hole in the ground, very deep, with water at bottom. It’s on a flat piece of ground surrounded by trees and is a definite feature (not accidental). I’ve not seen it before. Is it new? What is it for?

Nobody knows. It not new, saw it long ago. And I posted it in my 2nd Route

Thanks. Bit bizarre really, perhaps it will find a use in future updates.

That’s Apex Engine for you. When devs remove/add something in the world, another part of the world either terraforms or POIs go outright missing.

So far, unintended anomalies (without any particular order) are:

  1. Disappearance of all POIs in Himfjäll (only for PS4). [fixed]
  2. Disappearance of big doors in FOA2. [fixed]
  3. Disappearance of many sections of walls in FOA2. [fixed]
  4. Several sinkholes in FOA2. [fixed]
  5. Disappearance of Boo bridge. [fixed]
  6. Sinkhole near Hagaboda.
  7. Disappearance of barn, NE from Östra Mark.

There could be more but those i can recall at the moment.


add: Strange fences around or through buildings.