The future of the gz universe

If that should happen, it’s game over, literally. We need FNIX and it’s machines to play the game as it is. Take out FNIX and it’s machines and all what you have left - is scenic walking simulator.

“Us” as in “player chars”? If so, i think Soviets would see us as meddling kids and nothing more.

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yeah but i mean in not a game way, like lore way will life return? and “us” i mean the survivors and the player

Life always returns.

Best IRL example would be Pripyat. Sure, it took Chernobyl disaster for people to vacate the area but 30+ years later, “life” (nature) has returned to Pripyat. It actually has taken it completely over, despite the initial high dose of radiation and current lasting radiation.

I wouldn’t consider myself (player char) as part of the resistance and considering player char as survivor is also questionable.

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Well i think that is for the player to decide, like mine is a swedish soldiers that hasnt given up fighting and works with the resistance to take back östertörn, and if someone else dont want to be in the resistance then it is just fine, it is their survivor, their charakter (problably didnt spell that right)

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and by life i mean civilsation, that maybe the swedish armed forces in the future get back their bases and civilians move there so civilisation goes back

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Since devs haven’t placed player chars into any faction, it is for players to decide for themselves to whom their char is affiliated with.
Mine have designation of “F-X” (further reading).


If the FNIX and machines are gone, Swedish Armed Forces will reclaim Östertörn. However, if civilians (those few that escaped/survived) are allowed to return - is another question. My guess, the entire Östertörn is sealed off and no civilians are allowed to return, ever. E.g similar to Chernobyl and Fukushima exclusion zones.


yeah thats sounds a possible outcome, cool charakter btw, so your are a machine built by Fnix to spy on the resistance?

This is a very likely scenario, that nobody is allowed to return. That Östertörn will be turned into an Exclusion Zone. FNIX might never be defeated, just confined to Östertörn. Has FNIX managed to go beyond the archipelago? I seem to recall reading some entries that the Swedish military is fighting robots on the mainland.

I created that character biography thread, mine is at the top! I’d love to hear what you think of her.

The only thing I’m really hoping for concerning the future of the GZ universe is that the player characters are not robots/androids, because it would be disastrous for my roleplay in it, to the point that it would ruin my enjoyment of the universe. It’s totally fine if it’s implied, just as long as it’s not definitively the case.


Yes for the 1st part but not specifically to spy on the resistance. More like to gather intel about all humans, regardless the faction. And also to test the performance of Infiltreringsmaskin against current machines.

That discussion is in here: Mainland and army

It’s vice-versa for me. :smile:
Though, what would ruin my enjoyment is when player char is put into any other faction than FNIX.

I’m gonna be very toxic in next paragraph, but that’s the way I am. So…
I’ll go “Matrix route” and say that you are with FNIX as a drone(uploaded) consciousness. The AI constantly running combat simulations with “humans vs machines” to improve latter. Just watch hunters and teenagers. Hunters seem have more “live”, “humane” motions. And then watch “human avatars”, how plastic and rigid they are. That uncanny valley of both sides is what creeps me out in this game.
That reinforced by the fact, that FNIX did based itself on conciousness of Von Ulmer, but considers itself a separate entity, that share scientist’s memories.

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yeah me too, like i said, mine is a swedish soldier that has not given up the fight for sweden


And it’s totally cool that you’re vice versa! This is why I’m hoping that what the player characters are is never definitively revealed so that we can all roleplay what we want! Though, aren’t we already in a faction that is opposed to FNIX? We help the Resistance against FNIX and the machines, after all.

Don’t worry, you’re not being toxic! What you’re writing about the player characters there is just your opinion, having one is totally fine. What you’re writing about the player characters would be awful to me, though. I pride myself on my character being human, on being a descendant of the Norse gods (which is what I headcannoned to explain how my character, despite being a teenager, is capable of defeating so many machines). If the game ever reveals that the player characters are just robots à la Terminators, that would just not be good for my enjoyment of the universe.

A-a-and that part I was buttering up. I was implying that player characters are already within machines in the VR environment.

Right, as I said, you weren’t being toxic, there wasn’t a need to butter anything up! Your theory/idea is cool on its own. It’s just that here, in Generation Zero, it would be utterly devastating for me if it was ever real. Because I want to be flesh and blood, darn it!

About them being Terminators, though. What about all the in-game items that we use that would only be useful for organic bodies? I’m referring to things like the med kits and Adrenaline Shots. If the player characters are robots, why would we need to use military med kits when wounded? And Adrenaline Shots would have literally no effect on a machine body.

Here’s a thought for you: player chars could have living tissue over metal endoskeleton. :wink: Just like Terminators are, especially T-800. :smile:

And you’ll need the first aid kits to heal (repair) your living tissue. As far as a-shots go, these could actually be power cells, used to send a big jolt of power into your machine body, to wake up (reboot) you. :blush:

True, they could be metal and flesh. But for the adrenaline shots, that’s…stretching it, in my opinion. It’s solely your headcanon that they are power cells, as there’s nothing in-game to indicate they are anything but adrenaline shots. If they were in any way intended to be a power cell, there should be something to indicate that, but there is not.

Yes indeed, and I really hope they stick with the industrial simplicity look of the Machines, it’s very distinct and it’s a nice alternative to other sci-fi settings. Having your own head-canon is fine, though if GZ ever gets something resembling shared servers where one could roleplay properly, I’d say that we’d have to follow the official canon of the setting.

Edit: Moving this to #general-discussion, since it’s turned into a discussion topic.

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Indeed. The only reason I’m, for example, roleplaying that my character is a descendant of the Norse gods is because it’s only my headcanon, I roleplay with/for myself. If I was roleplaying with other people I’d follow the official canon as much as possible.

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