Zombies idea poll

yeah, I didn’t like the idea either.

Could be FNIX failed experiments to control humans? Not exactly Zombies, but could more likely fit into the lore?

Do you see the end of FNIX Rising DLC? With some imagination you can develop this idea but as stated above and in my humble opinion it would not go well in the game. Until now FNIX don’t show any intention to be human like.

As a curiosity, in another poll the players were creating background for their characters and some of the most popular were agents of the machines infiltrated in the rebellion. More friendly T-800, for lack of better definition.


Do you mean from the old “Character Biography” Topic? I think that was @Aesyle who did the machines disguised as members of the resistance.

I think personally, if the devs did it in a fun way, it would actually be pretty dope! Like say you have a mission where fnix gasses you and knocks you out, and while you’re out you play like some short zombie hoard shooter minigame, kinda like some mental hallucination then wake up to resume the plot of whatever the mission was.

But in terms of just the base game, unless they were machine zombies i could see them having a hard time justifying it D:


Yeah, this topic. Great characters, even a Thor’s relative. With the exp hammer she can be Thor herself. But this is off topic, let’s stop here or the shield bearers notice us.


Like a reaper tick that controls the spinal system of corpses.

That’s a no from me. (Someone didn’t look at the dev’s survey, zombies were not mentioned as a suggested new enemy) Sorry not sorry

I agree with tene kinda. I would say do not waste a lot of resources to add it to the base game. As it definitely does not the fit the game. But as a funny April Fools, or Halloween thing. It could be funny. Like they announce zombies. But it is just a hunter with human flesh all over it making corrupted audio sounds. Like just a reveal video even. Not an in-game enemy. But just having a dead hunter with human flesh all over it in a cave or something.

First, we get Zombies into GZ, then some more creepy atmosphere. After that - a bit of supernatural entities and apparitions with high levels of physical and mental influences. The only sting would be left is name it S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 and we done.

Copyright problems, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is being made (again), let´s hope they make it this time.
But you can always name it “Zombie Zero”.

No. Just No.

When devs started working on GZ, zombie games were (and still are) popular. And rather than making another “zombie-survival” game, devs opted to go with machines instead.

IMHO, this is the best choice devs ever made. If there would be zombies in place of machines, i wouldn’t be here.

Yes, there is a topic (not poll) about char bios and i created my 4 girls as machines of FNIX.
Link: Character Biography

And my next reply in the linked topic explains in-depth about the method of my char bio creation (under collapse tag).


Zombies in GZ? …no! :wink:

BUT, if they made an entirely new game, with a copy-paste of GZ’s mechanics, gameplay, gunplay, loot system, graphics, everything, and gladly set in Sweden in the 80’s as well, then build a new game with zombies instead of machines, a darker lore, and then paint the whole thing with blood, guts and a post-apocalyptic atmosphere… Let’s just say it would be another pre-order from me! :heart:

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That what I was thinking tbh…

Because zombies in 80s Sweden would be pretty cool

To be honest, almost any game set in the 80’s would be funny as hell with zombies.
Just think of all the zombies with mohawks, and leotards and leg warmers and great rocker hair, and those great (porn) mustaches. Of course as time went by they wouldn’t look so cool anymore; but initially the look would IMHO look pretty cool!

But not this game! Robots yes, zombies no!

I voted no. This is not meant to be a zombie game.


Ok. IMO, zombies would be pretty good, but my favourite part of GZ is the robots.

Most Zombie games are a bit of a worn out cash grab now tbh.

In response to the “this is not meant to be a zombie game”, I think some zombie-like elements could be part of an AI apocalypse and applied to a game without necessarily making it a “zombie game”. IRL, of course an AI would weaponize human corpses if it was possible and cost-effective, which it certainly is compared to building new machines and shooting bullets.

How would that affect the game? Maybe just provide some spooks when looting houses, an occasional distraction to break the monotony of looting (which frankly, could be achieved through plenty of other ways). In short, I’d probably like it but I don’t see this becoming a prominent game feature.