Zombies idea poll

Hey everyone. Just an idea from @Tomgrom that I am interested to see people’s opinions on. If you want you can explain your opinion below :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you like the idea of zombies in the world?

  • Yes
  • No

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Man, this is not easy.
I do like zombies.
But zombies here don´t make much sense and i think they would be very buggy.
The best thing would be the ability to mod the game, to have zombies, that way it might work.


I play on console so idk how to mod it.

You can´t.
I prefer console for FPS games, driving simulators and most game types but there are no normal mods.
That is the superior aspect of PC gaming, modding.


The only thing I can mod on there is Skyrim (if you even know what it is).


No :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a game made by Bethesda based on fighting dragons. It has a 30 hour campaign of main quests. It’s fun. My dad use to play and let me start playing it a while back. Check it out for more info

You mean Fallout 4 and skyrim console “mods”?
Most people that play games knows either Fallout or elder scrolls games.
Those have limitations and it´s the only known cases.
At least i don´t know any other :man_shrugging: ?

Same here


Would make a sweet halloween event!


That sounds amazing

But we have to wait till Halloween :frowning:

The character is hit by an explosion and, after a blackout, wakes up alone, with no robots in sight or radio activity. Then he sees people attacking robots with their bare hands and listens on the radio FNIX saying how his experiments went wrong. After a series of events he wakes up at the camp after about 2 days delirious, nothing had been real. It would be a non-canonical event, with the intention of being funny, which should not be taken seriously.

Apart from a hallucination, or people with ticks on their heads (Half-Life 3 confirmed) I don’t see how to fit zombies into the game. Besides there’s no npc for that.


Too many zombies games already. Developers please don’t waste time and resources making this. Please and thank you!


yeah, I didn’t like the idea either.

Could be FNIX failed experiments to control humans? Not exactly Zombies, but could more likely fit into the lore?

Do you see the end of FNIX Rising DLC? With some imagination you can develop this idea but as stated above and in my humble opinion it would not go well in the game. Until now FNIX don’t show any intention to be human like.

As a curiosity, in another poll the players were creating background for their characters and some of the most popular were agents of the machines infiltrated in the rebellion. More friendly T-800, for lack of better definition.


Do you mean from the old “Character Biography” Topic? I think that was @Aesyle who did the machines disguised as members of the resistance.

I think personally, if the devs did it in a fun way, it would actually be pretty dope! Like say you have a mission where fnix gasses you and knocks you out, and while you’re out you play like some short zombie hoard shooter minigame, kinda like some mental hallucination then wake up to resume the plot of whatever the mission was.

But in terms of just the base game, unless they were machine zombies i could see them having a hard time justifying it D:


Yeah, this topic. Great characters, even a Thor’s relative. With the exp hammer she can be Thor herself. But this is off topic, let’s stop here or the shield bearers notice us.


Like a reaper tick that controls the spinal system of corpses.