Elderbrook Cola vs Outlander The Vamp

Some behind the scenes content for something I will use later in the year.


8 days until Vision, see you there.


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What is this meant to be? Is it Generation Zero-related?

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I think Marcus is showing us something what he’s is putting in the upcoming GZ-video. Like he said a look behind the scenes.

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I’ll say this, the video will also play a part when resistance comes.

There’s method in the madness.

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This topic + few others (e.g: The last one until Vision ), are created to create hype for the upcoming Vanguard Vision video.

Vanguard Vision - a video series from Alias, started Feb '20 and has seen a video release once a month.
Older videos:

And some others videos, also part of the Vanguard series:


Dear Lord, it’s been a busy year

@Aesyle is your character blonde?

If you count orangeish blonde, then yes, my 3rd char is. Pics here: Character Biography - #7 by Aesyle